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29. December 1999 :Siedler Scenario Editor
9. September 1999 :Hasbro takes over Wizard of the Coast
8. September 1999 :Games from Timbuktu
22. August 1999 :Deutscher Spiele Preis 1999
11. June 1999 :spielbox #100
10. June 1999 :Tikal became Spiel des Jahres 1999!
7. June 1999 :Hasbro Avalon Hill
6. June 1999 :40 Years of Memory
1. June 1999 :Abacus 10 Years
10. March 1999 :Elfenland: 450.000 copies sold
1. March 1999 :Relaxx-Spiele adjudged bankrupt
12. February 1999 :Binary Dice
8. January 1999 :100.000 Circular Labyrinths


Siedler Scenario Editor
Shortly before Christmas presented the German publisher Kosmos a Christmas Gift to all gamers on their Siedler Homepage:
Siedler Scenario Editor

A freely downloadable PC Windows-based Scenario Editor for the Settlers boardgame. The editor has been developed by Dirk Fischer and Rolf Klinger, who also have made a (German language) Website where gamers can exchange their Scenarios.
The map can have a size of up to 21x21 hexes and both the Seefahrer expansion and the popular Volcano-variant are included in the program. Although the application is in German it is highly intuitive and shouldn't prove much of a problem for those with a rudimentary knowledge of the basic German "Siedler" words. But maybe someone will volunteer to do an English version?
29. December 1999:  KosmosUP

Hasbro takes over Wizard of the Coast
The American mega-giant Hasbro has bought Wizard of the Coast for $325 million. The publisher literally invented the Collecting Card Games market in 1994 with Magic: The Gathering, but it was likely the success of Pokèmon which looked too good to leave alone for board of directors.
9. September:  rec.games.boardUP

Games from Timbuktu
Designer Michael Schacht (Kontor) has started his own publishing company called Spiele aus Timbuktu. The games will be published "the cheap Cheapass way" - as you will need to separate the game components yourself with a knife. The first game is a childrens game called Zock.
8. September 1999:UP

Deutscher Spiele Preis 1999
Not official until October, a little bird has told me the result of the Top 10:
TikalMichael Kiesling & Wolfgang Kramer  (Ravensburger)
RaReiner Knizia(Alea)
Union Pacific  Alan R. Moon(Amigo)
SamuraiReiner Knizia(Hans im Glück)
Die HändlerWolfgang Kramer & Richard Ulrich(Queen Games)
GigantenWilko Manz(Kosmos)
VerräterMarcel-André Casasola Merkle(Adlung Spiele)
Mamma MiaUwe Rosenberg(Abacus)
ChinatownKarsten Hartwig(Alea)
PfeffersäckeChristward Conrad(Goldsieber)
22. August 1999UP

spielbox #100
Europe's biggest board game magazine have reached 100 issues since the launch in October 1981. The anniversary is celebrated with a 100 page bumper issue (3/99).
11. June 1999:  KMW's Spielpl@tzUP

Tikal became Spiel des Jahres 1999!
Last year Ravensburger constructed a new label especially designed to publish award winners. The first game was to be Ra by Reiner Knizia and it looked like they had a hit, but surprisingly enough came a game from behind on the old label and took the world by storm: Tikal is a good game by any standard and a surprinsingly good one for a Ravensburger game!
Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling have made a great game playable by both family and strategy gamers, and the great designer Franz Vohwinkel has designed one the most stunning games this year - and he has designed half the games on the recommended list!
10. June 1999:  Jury Spiel des JahresUP

Hasbro Avalon Hill
Hasbro has announced that it will continue the brand name Avalon Hill in a series of lighter strategy games. The first games will be new editions of two old AH titles: Acquire and Diplomacy plus one of the last games developed by the old company: Richard Borg's civil war game Battle Cry.
7. June 1999:  KMW's Spielpl@tzUP

40 Years of Memory
Memory is the Ravensburgers most succesful game. Since the multicolored small tiles first came on the market in february 1959 has the company sold more than 50 million copies. Memory-fans have organized themselves in clubs, there are European championships, and mathematics students have even made a world record with a 1200 Tile Memory game.
Memory The success story of the multicolored tile-pairing game began 40 years ago, when the Otto Maier publishing house presented Memory on the Nürnberg Toy Fair. The first thousand copies sold out right after the presentation in February 1959 - at that time a sensation. Still, nobody would have suspected that the game would continue its popularity 40 years later, inspiring children and adults in 70 countries and with 50 million sold copies be the most successful game of the old publising house. The game, which was presented to them by a Swiss designer named William Hurter, became a door opener for the economic success of Ravensburger and concequently for the entire games market.
6. June 1999:  KMW's Spielpl@tzUP

Abacus Spiele 10 years
It is 10 years ago since Joe Nikisch created his own private game company. The small company began with a game by a young designer-couple called Doris & Frank. Their game Dicke Kartoflen was one of the finalists in the very first Hippodice Design competition.
1. June 1999UP

Elfenland: 450.000 copies sold
Amigo has announced close to half a million copies sold in 1998 of their Game of the Year. To celebrate the good news has Alan Moon designed an expansion Elfengold which add the money and rules used in the original Elfenroads-game.
10. March 1999:  KMW's Spielpl@tzUP

Relaxx-Spiele adjudged bankrupt
Germany's youngest game company lasted only 1 year before it was forced to close. Of the 3 games published only one will survive as Amigo will re-launch the 1988 SdJ-winner Café International.
1. March 1999:  KMW's Spielpl@tzUP

Binary Dice
Swedens most prominent designer Dan Glimne has designed a new concept in dice: Binary Dice contains 5 flat discs numbered 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16. Using the binary system allows the player to throw any number from 0-31 (or from 1-32) with the same probability of ca. 3%.
The Binary Dice are produced and sold through Dice & Games Ltd., England.
12. February 1999UP

100.000 Circular Labyrinths
Ravensburger announces that their latest labyrinth game Labyrinth der Ringe has sold 100.000 copies in the two months since its launch at Spiel ´98.
8. January 1999:  Die Pöppel-RevueUP

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