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17. December 1998 :Best Card Game 1998
17. September 1998 :Spiel des Jahres celebrates 20 Years
8. September 1998 :Alea / Ravensburger
24. August 1998 :MicroProse acquired by Hasbro
5. August 1998 :Avalon Hill acquired by Hasbro
1. July 1998 :Berliner Spielkarten acquired by Ravensburger
25. March 1998 :Relaxx - a new publisher
5. January 1998 :Klee-Spiele still going strong
1. January 1998 :Blatz take over Schmidt Spiele


Best Card Game 1998
Caesar + CleopatraCongratulations to Wolfgang Lüdtke from Kosmos!
His brilliant two-player game Caesar & Cleopatra has been voted Best Kartenspiel 1998 by the German gaming magazine, FAIRPLAY.
38 selected experts has voted with the following top five:
  1. Caesar & Cleopatra - 114 points
  2. David & Goliath - 113 points
  3. Canyon - 84 points
  4. Schnäppchen Jagd - 38 points
  5. Twilight - 33 points
17. December 1998:  Fairplay magazineUP

Spiel des Jahres celebrates 20 Years
The worlds most famous game award could celebrate its 20th anniversary in style with 3-day event in Bonn during the days of September 9-11. Beginning with a press conference on which the jury informed the public about its work, the first day contained a symposium on the history of games. The second day focused on the 20th Century with a special hommage to one of its most succesful designers, Klaus Teuber. The last day gave the local citizens a chance to play all the games discussed the previous couple of days.
17. September 1998:  KMW's Spielpl@tzUP

Alea / Ravensburger
Ravensburger will launch a new label at Spiel 98: Alea will be dedicated to multiplayer/hobbygamers games. Responsible for the selection of games will be Stefan Brück, formerly at F.X.Schmid where he was published bestsellers such as Bluff (Sdj-winner 1993), Take it Easy (1994) and Basari (1998). The first game in the new series of high quality games in bookcase format will be a Reiner Knizia game with an Egyptian setting, but unfortunately will the game only be presented in Essen in prototype form. The real thing is first available at the Nürnberg Toy Fair.
8. September 1998UP

MicroProse acquired by Hasbro
Hasbros acquisition of Avalon Hill earlier this month makes suddenly more sense as they have now acquired the computer game company Microprose. The makers of many simulation games, including Sid Meier's Civilization, have recently been involved in a lawsuit with AH over the rights to the name "civilization", and all rights are now without question the property of Hasbro.
24. August 1998:  rec.games.boardUP

Avalon Hill acquired by Hasbro
Hobby-gamers all over the world has been chocked over what is seen as the deathblow to the grand old master of conflict-simulation games. Apparently was all Avalon Hill employees sacked before the takeover, and what will happend to the large catalogue of games is uncertain.
5. August 1998:  rec.games.boardUP

Berliner Spielkarten acquired by Ravensburger
The card game factory Berliner Spielkarten GmbH & Cie, who first in recent years has begun to publish Designer Games (like Blindes Huhn by Michael Schacht and David & Goliath by Reinhard Staupe) has been bought by Germany's largest game corporation Ravensburger.
1. July 1998:  KMW's Spielpl@tzUP

Relaxx - a new publisher
A new game company was presented at the Nürnberg Game Fair. Owned by designer Roland Siegers and Frank Hegewald the two first games are Business by Sid Sackson and Siegers' own 2-player game Waterloo.
25. March 1998:  Fairplay MagazineUP

Klee-Spiele is still going strong
Managing Director Ernst Pohle announces that Klee-Spiele wasn't involved in the bancrupcy of Schmidt Spiele as he has bought all the shares they had in his company.
5. January 1998:  Die Pöppel-RevueUP

Blatz take over Schmidt Spiele
The large Blatz group has bought the remains of Schmidt Spiele after its bancrupcy last year.
1. January 1998:  Die Pöppel-RevueUP

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