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12. June 2003Toy & Game Inventor's Forum
5. June 2003Spiel des Jahres Nominations 2003
4. June 2003International Gamers Awards 2003
3. June 2003CHITAG 2003
13. May 2003Lay Puzzles on the Beach
5. May 2003Interactive Professor Easy Rules on the Net

Toy & Game Inventor's Forum
The annual TGIF is the only event in the world where the public gets to meet, learn from and sell their ideas, inventions, or services of your company to the "who’s who" of the toy industry. TGIF boasts a speaking faculty of over 50 key toy and entertainment executives from companies that include: Hasbro Games, Brio/Alga (Sweden), Toys R Us, University Games, Ravensburger (Germany) and many others.
In addition to manufacturers there will be many high-level buyers, reps, marketing gurus, technology firms, trend tracking organizations, forecasters and much more.
Attendees participate in round table discussions, one-on-one sessions and dozens of events over the 3-day program at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV during September 5-7, 2003. More info at www.tgifhome.com
12. June 2003: Xixing JingUP

Spiel des Jahres Nominations 2003
The top 3 games, which are going to compete for the covered award has been revealed, and I am happy to see such a good selection of games:Spiel des Jahres
Alhambra (Dirk Henn, Queen Games) is one of my favorite games of 2003, and I am absolutely convinced that it is going to win.
Clans (Leo Colovini, Winning Moves) has been selected to honor a purely tactical game for the adult gamer.
Dracheninsel (Tom Schoeps, Amigo) is race game mostly suited for teenagers.
The childrens nominees can be found in the Award-section.     
5. June 2003: Jury Spiel des JahresUP

International Gamers Awards 2003IGA
This is a continuation of the Gamers' Choice Awards. All members of the two juries decided to leave the organisation Strategy Gamers Society earlier this year due to disagreements on how to cover the cost connected with the production of the plaques given to the winners.
The new independent organisation was forced to change it's name due to disagreements over the legal rights to the name, but apart from the the new name and logo is everything the same.
That is, they have also changed the eligibility period the General Strategy categories to the 12 month period July-June in order to coincide with the release dates of the German publishers. The period for the Historical Simulation is still following the calender year.
Best Historical Simulation 2003: Hammer of the Scots - Columbia Games
*Best Multi-player Strategy Game 2003: Puerto Rico - alea/Ravensburger
*) This award was given to the best game released during the period January-June 2002. Another award will be given for the best multiplayer game released during the period July 2002-June 2003, together with the best two-player game for the same period, later in the year. See the nomination list in the Award-section.
4. June 2003: Greg SchloesserUP

The Chicago International Toy & Game Fair is an attempt to recreate the Essen Spiel Fest in USA.
Held in the Labor Day weekend (30. Aug-1. Sep) it will hopefully be a huge success. Read more about the fair at chitag.com and DiscoverGames.com.
3. June 2003: Mary CouzinUP

Changes on the website
As you probably have noticed have the NEWS received a new logo. This change was made at the same time as the LOG was closed. From now on will all significant changes to the website be announced here. The INFO section, which was hidden in the Log section, has taken over the link on the front page.

I have also changed the Rating system again. Too many people found it confusing, so I have gone back to using the classic "10" grade system - except that I will not rate games below 5. The reason is that I cannot bring myself - or my gamers - to play these games again, and it wouldn't be fair to judge them on a single play. Particularly if the game is of a type I dislike.
Favorite Family game

The lion on the right is one of 3 logos which will be awarded to my FAVORITE games in the genres strategy, family and small (filler) games. They will enter my personal Hall of Fame, and the first game to do so is my current favorite, Bruno Faidutti's Murder, I mean Mystery of the Abbey.
Finally will you have noticed that I am slowly exchanging the graphic HEADLINES on the pages. This is due to the unfortunate fact that the free graphics rendering machine I used, has closed its website and I haven't been able to locate another program which can remake my font. I am now doing my own text graphics.
29. May 2003UP

Travel X is the first box in a new series of puzzles called "Tricky Line" - for people who like to have something to do at the beach.
Printed on acrylic wafers, the pieces won't be ruined by water. And as the pictures are printed on the thin edge, they are designed to be tucked upright into the sand.
The first box contains 50 rectangular wafers with a photo of Zebras on one edge and Cheetas on the opposite edge. Price: 13:50 Euro
13. May 2003UP

Professor EasyInteractive Professor Easy Rules on the Net
At www.profeasy.com can you find several sets of rules in English for the latest Teuber/Kosmos games. Domaine (Löwenherz) is the newest addition to the site, which already includes rules for The Settlers of Catan and The New Entdecker.
The interactive pages are a great way to learn about the games.
5. May 2003: Guido TeuberUP

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