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11. February 2003Farewell Paul Randles
27. January 2003German Sales Figures 2002
26. January 20036 Million boxes of Settlers sold
25. January 2003Kosmos celebration: 175 Years
23. January 200325 Years of Spiel des Jahres

Farewell Paul RandlesPaul Randels
The American designer Paul Randles died of cancer yesterday, after only 5 months of treatment, at the age of only 37.
I met Paul 3 times. The first time was at hotel Savoy in Essen, 2000 where I couldn't keep my eyes from the prototype played at the next table. It turned out to be Pirate's Cove which Paul had just shown to the people at AMIGO.
I met Paul again at Alan Moon's Gathering of Friends in 2001
and 2002 where I was able to play his novel building game Pyramids of Egypt. Having worked for Wizard of the Coast, where he among other things were the driving force behind the RoboRally expansions, Paul had a wealth of interesting ideas for new games and I was certain he was destined to become one of the big names in our hobby. Sadly this should not be.   Memorial & Guestbook
11. February 2003UP

German Sales Figures 2002
The general turnover for the Games & Puzzle-segment on the German market had a loss of 11.4% accoring to the trade organisation Eurotoys. The only bright spot is a 3% increase in games for children.
Covering just 15% of the toy market will boardgames rarely top the hit lists of the toy stores, but two games made it to the top during the Christmas season: Dr. Bibber (Hasbro; Germany) and the Spiel des Jahres-winner Villa Paletti (Zoch).
27. January 2003:  Spielbox.deUP

6 Million boxes of Settlers sold
Kosmos has announced the latest figures of the hit game Die Siedler von Catan: All games and expansions have reached a number of 6 million copies, of which 3 million copies of the basic game alone. 130.000 copies of the original basic game were sold during 2002 - 7 years after the initial release!
The Travel-edition have sold 70.000 copies since its release in May, and Stern's Abenteuer Menschheit have shiftet 50.000 copies since its release 3 months ago.
Financially have the game series enriched the publishing house with an annual turnover of over 10 million Euro since 1995.
26. January 2003:  Spielbox.deUP

Kosmos celebration: 175 Years
The Stuttgart publishing house has announced no less than 100 new releases this year. Gamers should worry too much about draining their savings account, though, as most of the items aren't games. "Kosmos" was originally the label for experimental toys (chemicals, electronics, astronomics, biologic) and they also has a line of books.
Among the many games is a complete revision of the Siedler von Catan series. From the basic game up to Städte & Ritter will the game be available in a new 3D-edition where all wood has been replaced by large, detailed 3 cm (1") plastic models of Settlements, Cities, Roads, Ships, Robber, Pirate and Metropoli. The Trader is pulling a small cart and the Knights from S&R has become large models with a movable arm carrying a banner. Active Knights raise their banner high into the air!
Games from the Klee label will from now on be integrated under the Kosmos logo.
25. January 2003:  Spielbox.deUP

25 Years of Spiel des Jahres
To celebrate their 25th anniversary have the SdJ-organisation planned a number of events throughout 2003:
30. Jan.-4. Feb. 2003, Nürnberg: Exhibition at the Toy Fair.
6.-10. April 2003, Marburg: Symposion Board Games Studies VI
22. June 2003, Berlin: Anniversary gala evening presenting the SdJ 2003.
Autum 2003, Dresden: Anniversary Game Fair.
23. January 2003:  Spielbox.deUP

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