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17. November 2002Fette Autos: Profi rules
14. November 2002Ravensburger Ring game most popular
11. November 2002Carcassonne Bag
10. November 2002Carcassonne Tile Tower
9. November 2002Sid Sackson 1920-2002
17. October 2002Winner of Fairplay 's Best Card Game Award 2002
7. October 2002Board Game Auction: The Sid Sackson Collection
2. October 2002Reserve your copy of Ladybohn
1. October 2002The Spiel '02 Hall Plans are ready!

Fette Autos: Profi Rules
Designer Heinrich Glumpler has created a set of advanced rules for his latest game. They can be downloaded from his website at www.edition-erlkoenig.de
17. November 2002UP

Ravensburger Ring game most popular
Reiner Knizia's card game Der Herr der Ringe - Die Gefärthen is the best selling game of the series with 120.000 sold copies, according to a list over the the most popular merchandise products in Germany over the last 12 months.
Reaching 2nd place it is only surpassed by "The One Ring" as a trinket.
14. November 2002: spielbox.deUP

Carcassonne Bag
Carcassonne BagNo sooner have I told how I prefer a bag for my Carcassonne tiles before I am offered one for free!
The Adam Spielt Newsletter 02/2002 have just arrived, and among other good items is "Carcassonne le Sac": Free with any order as long as supply last: info@adam-spielt.de.
11. November 2002: www.adam-spielt.deUP

Carcassonne Tile Tower
Carcassonne Card Tower - clear versionAs we are aproaching Christmas, you may be looking for the perfect gift for the player who has everything.
This acrylic tower will solve the problem of different tile backs between your original set and the new expansions. I still prefer a cloth bag, but some people don't enjoy receiving soft packages.
It comes in 6 colors, is easy to assemble, fits inside the box and is sold by Mike Reinberger & Walter Jentsch GBR for 15 Euro.
Visit www.kartentower.de for more info.
10. November 2002UP

Sid Sackson 1920-2002
One of the greatest designers of all time passed away on November 6th after longer illness. Most widely known for his games Acquire and Can't Stop he became one of the grandfathers of modern German gaming together with Alex Randolph (Twixt) due to the influential series of bookcase games published by 3M in the 60īs.
These games has been quoted by several of the men active in the German industry today as a source of inspiration, and the best games of Sid Sackson has only been published in Germany, including my favorites: Metropolis and Kohle, Knies & Knete.
Visit the site of Bob Claster for a tribute to The Great Games of Sid Sackson.
9. November 2002UP

Winner of Fairplay 's Best Card Game Award 2002
The German magazine moved the presentation of their card game award forward from the Nürnberg Toy Fair to the Essen Spiel Fair.
The list of nominated games hasn't been published yet, but the winner received a plaquette with a new logo on the first Messe day, and it was immediately put on display at their stand.
Congratulations to Günter Burkhardt and Adlung Spiele for: Von Kap bis Kairo.
17. October 2002UP

Board Game Auction: The Sid Sackson Collection
The collection of 10.000 printed games (no prototypes) and 500 books are to be sold at auctions November 15th + 16th at North River Auction Hall, New Jersey USA.
The games are being sold in lots, and some of us find it sad that one of the greatest collection of games will not be kept intact. Should you have the financial clout to propose a serious bid for the entire collection will I be more than happy to put you in touch with Dale Freedman, daughter of the designer.
Sid Sackson is living in a nursing home, suffering from Alzheimer's.
7. October 2002UP

Reserve your copy of Ladybohn
Uwe Rosenberg will accept reservations for particular numbers of his limited edition of Ladybohn. Just write him at Uwe.Rosenberg@gmx.de
You will be able to pick the game up for 5 Euro at Spielbar (stand 5-35), where you can meet Uwe every day from 10:00 to 12:00.
Are you not attending the Spiel fair can you buy the cards at www.adam-spielt.de.
2. October 2002: www.spielbox.deUP

The Spiel '02 Hall Plans are ready!
Like last year has the Merz Verlag decided to publish the Exhibitors list as well as the Hall plans a couple of weeks before prior to the event: Visit Hall Plans.
For the same reason have I decided not to create my own maps. Instead you can mark your personal places of interest on the maps from Merz.
The List of New Releases will be published Wednesday the 16th at 10:00 CET.
1. October 2002UP
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