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27. September 2002The World's largest Puzzle
16. September 2002Winners of the Deutscher Spiele Preis 2002
13. September 2002eBay-autions in aid of Flooding victims
12. September 2002Interview with Roberto Fraga
21. August 2002StreetSoccer Puzzle
20. August 2002Spiel der Spiele 2002
16. August 2002More talks with Villa Paletti's Bill Payne
7. August 2002Vote for your Monthly Favorite Games
6. August 2002 :300.000 Villa Paletti 's Pre-ordered in 6 Weeks
5. August 2002 :Building generator for Puerto Rico
1. August 2002 :daVinci - New Italian Publisher
30. July 2002 :Celebrate newly-wed by attending gamecon
11. July 2002 :Interview with Villa Paletti designer Bill Payne
2. July 2002 :NetJeux: The winner didn't win!
18. June 2002 :Telegram from Premio Archimede 2002
16. May 2002 :Spiel des Jahres: Selected Games 2002
15. May 2002 :Reorganization at Goldsieber

The World's largest Puzzle
Ravensburger has announced the publication of a puzzle containing no less than 18.240 pieces. With a weight of 8.6 kg the it will measure 2.76 x 1.92 when completed - at which time you will be enjoying the view of 4 historic maps over the World.
27. September 2002:  spielbox.deUP

Winners of the Deutscher Spiele Preis 2002
As expected did Puerto Rico (alea) win the gamers award in Germany. What is more surprising is that Villa Paletti (Zoch) received enough votes to reach the 4th place.
Given the uproar it created when the jury Spiel des Jahres elected the game as the Game of the Year, would one have expected it receive very few votes from the gaming public. I take this as a result of the change in voting procedure for the DSP: it used to be a selective group of dedicated gamers who received ballots and their votes usually went to what we call "gamers' games".
With the introduction of internet ballots is the result now reflecting the taste of the general public, thus bringing the award closer to the SdJ. In fact may the jury be able to see how well aligned they are with the general public in the result:
(1) The jury advocates certain games as being particularly good.
(2) People go out and buy the games recommended by the jury.
(3) People vote at the DSP for the game they have played and enjoyed.
The Golden Feather, awarded by the city of Essen for the best written rules, was deservedly given to Puerto Rico. See the Top 10 in the Award-section.
16. September 2002UP

eBay-auctions in aid of Flooding victims
The Felsenweginstitute has, together with the Jury Spiel des Jahres and the Deutsche Spielarchiv initiated a project in aid of the many victims of the floodings in Germany.
If you are a collector, you might find interest in some of the many special games which put to auction at eBay.de. You can see the many items offred at felsenweginstitut.de, which have direct links to the individual lots (with descriptions in German).
Items include original drawings for the new edition of Ogallalla, Japanese, Greek and other non-German editions of wellknown games, prototypes and rare items.
Important! The person behind the auction has offered to bring items won by people to Essen, and Jay Tummelson has offered to ship them to US residents.
13. September 2002:  Catan NewsUP

Interview with Roberto Fraga
The French website trictrac.net has an interview, in English, with the French-Spanish designer Roberto Fraga, the designer of Dragon Delta and several upcomming games.
13. September 2002: Monsieur PhatUP

StreetSoccer Puzzle
Designer Corné van Moorsel has a nasty little puzzle on his website (scroll down).
The site is in English, so you should have no trouble understanding the objective - but maybe the you will have a bit of trouble with the solution! One winner among the most correct entries will be awarded a copy of the Cwali game Smart (includes free drugs!) and entries must be submitted before 15. September 2002 23:59 CET.
21. August 2002:  www.cwali.comUP

Spiel der Spiele 2002
Spiel der Spiele 2002The Austrian organisation Wiener Spiele Akademie has announced the 10 finalists (Spiele Hits) plus the overall winner of the Austrian Game of Games award.
Winner is Pueblo by Kramer & Kiesling (Kosmos)
The full list can be found in the Award-section.
20. August 2002:  www.spiel-der-spiele.atUP

More talks with Villa Paletti's Bill Payne
French site Tric Trac brings, among many others interviews, a talk with the winner of the Spiel des Jahres. Unlike most of the stuff on the site is there an English version.
16. August 2002UP

Vote for your Monthly Favorite Games
The german online-magazin Reich der Spiele has started a chart-system where you are invited to vote for up to 5 games per month.
Just fill in the Form with your name, E-mail and the Titles. Comments may be written in the last box, and don't worry - English is fine! Each game will receive 1 vote, and only the first ballot submitted during each calendar month will be valid. The game should be your current favorites, but not necessarily new games.
Infrequent give-aways in form of games, gift vouchers, etc. will from time to time be raffled among all submitters.
7. August 2002:  Reich der SpieleUP

300.000 Villa Paletti 's Pre-ordered in 6 Weeks
The might of the red pawn with the golden laurels (the Spiel des Jahres) is proven once again. The Zoch Verlag has received 300.000 orders since the German Game Award was announced. Small publishers often face a huge problem when receiving the award as it can be difficult to increase production fast enough to cope with the demand. The first 30.000 games with the logo printed on the box will be shipped next week, followed by similar shipments every other week until the end of September where the production will be increased to bi-weekly 50.000 boxes fortnightly.
6. August 2002:  spielbox.deUP

Building generator for Puerto Rico
Slave HouseDo you have ideas of your own for new buildings to expand the game you have already played to death?
Then use the Building Generator at the alea website. It creates an easy to print .pdf-file. The page is in German only, but is very easy to use. But don't use apostrophes as they leave the tile blank!
Should you have some good ideas for new buildings should you mail them to alea with a detailed description on hos they work. The best ideas will be published as a freebie sheet in time for Essen Spiel fair. - Deadline is 31. August 2002.
You might win one of 5 copies of the game, signed by the designer and including the new buildings, randomly drawn from among all contributors.
5. August 2002:  www.aleaspiele.deUP

daVinci - New Italian Publisher
The webmaster of davincigames.com has announced a series of 9 new games. Four of them are free games which can be downloaded from the website, while the other five will be sold in two different series:
Gioconda is the name of the inexpensive low-budget series, which will include a version of the popular party game Werewolf, here called Cry Wolf.
Prestige is the name for the higher quality games of which the first has been published: BANG! is a fast played card game in which the player take on roles in a wild west scenario. Read more in Games-section.
1. August 2002:  Silvano SorrentinoUP

Celebrate newly-wed by attending gamecon
Consummation - Will YOU be there?
After years of courting has the lovely Rosiebint TM finally accepted the proposal from the - no longer quite so young lad - Stephen Tavener. Aren't they cute?
This very sweet and nice (dare I say cute!?) couple are getting married in November, and being true gamers with an alternative lifestyle have they dediced to skip the formal reception and have free game convention instead. - What a great idea!
Are you interested in playing games together with a bunch of nice people during the weekend 6 pm Friday 15th November to 6 pm Sunday 17th November in England (Nottinghamshire) will you find more information by clicking the banner above.
30. July 2002:  www.consummation.netUP

Interview with Villa Paletti designer Bill PayneVilla Paletti
Rick Thornquist brings a short review with the new designer, winner of Spiel des jahres with the dexterity game Villa Paletti (Zoch, 2001). The interview can be found at: terminalcitygamers.com.
11. July 2002UP

netjeux 2002
NetJeux: The winner didn't win!
The winners of the French Internet award had been announced, and you can see the Top 15 lists at www.ankou.net.
Medina was voted "best original version" with 1287 points, and Carcassonne received 1676 points in the category: "best French version". But the prize has strangely been awarded to Evo, which received 1255 points!
This unsual decision was made because no game may win twice, and Carcassonne won last years original category. Nothing wrong with the rule, but I don't understand why the organisers had included the game in the selection list on the ballot when they knew it wasn't elible. 1255 points represents a lot of wasted votes!
2. July 2002UP

Telegram from Premio Archimede 2002
The organisers of the Italian Game design Competition (News 19/2) have sent the following announcement:
Last partecipation date changed from June 30 into August 14 STOP
Prize ceremony Oktober 5 in Venice STOP
In the Ceremony Hall of Ca' Vendramin Calergi, the famous 16th century Palace on Canal Grande, today the city's Casino STOP
Friday 4 Ocober 16 h : Final meeting of the international Jury STOP
Saturday 5 October 10 h: Exhibition of the finalist games and meeting with the authors STOP
Saturday 5 October 16 h: Prize Ceremony STOP
Saturday 5 October 18 h: End STOP
All games will be given back to the authors STOP
18. June 2002: StudiogiochiUP

Spiel des Jahres: Selected Games 2002
German Game of the Year logo
As mentioned previously is the Childrens Award now been given a treatment similar to the main award, with a selection of recommended games for the agegroups 3-8, much appreciated by everybody working with children.
Both lists can be found in the Award-section.
3 games from each list will be nominated in the beginning of June and the final winners will be announced 24. June 2002.
16. May 2002: Jury Spiel des JahresUP

Reorganization at Goldsieber
After the announcement last year that Simba Toys had acquired Noris Spiele, was structural changes expected. After 5 years in the seat as Goldsieber's anchorman is Joe Nikisch no longer fully employed by the company, and his right hand Ulrich Bauer will be leaving at the end of June. The press secretary from Noris Spiele, Gabriele Rosshirt will take over the public relations, and Joe Nikisch still be responsible for the game development, although now on a freelance basis.
15. May 2002:  spielbox-online.deUP

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