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22. March 2002 :SdJ: Expanded Children's List
21. March 2002 :Spieler des Jahres / Gamer of the Year
14. March 2002 :Spiel des Jahres Exhibition
10. March 2002 :Games Spotlight CD-Rom
28. February 2002 :A Sore Loser!
27. February 2002 :Counter Issue 16 is On the Street!
26. February 2002 :The Gamer's Handbook is Back
25. February 2002 :Guess the Winner of SdJ 2002
19. February 2002 :Italian Game Design Competition
16. February 2002 :Discontinued Games 2002
2. February 2002 :Increase of German Sales
16. January 2002 :News from Michael Schacht

SdJ: Expanded Childrens List
The new Childrens award with the blue pawn logo, which was used for the first time last year, has been popular among the German educationalists and librarians. In fact have they insisted that the short list of 3 nominated games should be expanded to a full list like the "mother award", as a longer list with recommended games for children under 8 years would help schools and kindergartens to buy better games.
No information yet on when the two lists of recommended games will be announced, but the winners will announced at the Spiel des Jahres-banquet in Berlin 23. June.
22. March 2002: spielbox-onlineUP

Spieler des Jahres / Gamer of the Year
Gamer of the Year 2001Dagmar & Ferdinand de Cassan have been honored as the first prizewinners of this new award, instigated by the Austrian game journal "Die Spielwiese". Its publisher Arno Miller forms the jury together with the two journalists Michael Knopf and Christian Winder. This trio will be strengthened each year with the current prizeholder.
Game awards comes by the dozen, but they are all focused on particular games, designers and producers, so Arno Miller felt it was about time that recognition was given to other people within our hobby. And a new Austrian award could hardly have chosen a more suitable recipient as the de Cassan's have done more for the Austrian game scene than anybody else: Organizers of the Österreichisches Spielefest gamecon in Vienna, the Spiel der Spiele award, the Vienna game club Spiele Kreis Wien, the web portal Spielen in Österreich, the game journal WIN Spiele Magazin, the game advisor service Aktion Spielberater, the championship organisation Gilde der Spielemeister, and the Österreichisches Spiele Museum, with a collection 12.000+ games.
21. March 2002:  spielbox-onlineUP

Spiel des Jahres Exhibition
Should you way go to Germany in the Spring can you visit an exhibition explaining the goals, ideas and activities created by the Spiel des Jahres Organisation behind the worlds most prestigious game award.
The exhibition is shown at the German Card Game Museum together with its permanent exhibition "Games from Yesterday till Today" which in itself is worth visiting with many rarities and curiosities. The exhibition is open until 22. May 2002, free entrance, and the museum is open Thursday-Saturday 14-17 plus Sundays and holidays 11-17.
Deutschen Spielkartenmuseum, Schönbuchstrasse 32, Leinfelden-Echterdingen.
14. March 2002:  Spiel des Jahres Org.UP

Games Spotlight CD-Rom
The Vienna Games Academy has come up with a new way for retailers to present and explain games:
Based on the Spielregelnshow, which they invented last year, have they published a CD-Rom with multimedia presentations of the 39 most interesting new games shown at the Nürnberg Toy Fair 2002.
A basic PC with Windows98 is all that is needed to run the shows, which alas are in German speak only.
  GAME SPOTLIGHT: The most interesting Games from Nurnberg 2002

Should you still be interested can you buy it for 5 from www.spieleberater.at,
where you also can see hear and see the spotlights without animation.
10. March 2002:  Dagmar & Ferdinand CassanUP

A Sore Loser!
A Pakistani soldier got so frustrated having lost a board game, that he shot all five of his fellow players!
KMW found the story in his morning-paper, the Hamburger Morgenpost. The paper does not mention which game was played...
28. February 2002: spielbox-onlineUP

Counter Issue 16 is On the Street!
The favorite gaming magazine for all spielfreaks has arrived. The 92 pages includes articles about an interactive Greg Aleknevicus, Paul Evans fighting the Dark Lord, Top 5 picks of 2001, lots of reviews (from "Andersonville" to "Ur 1830 BC"), letters and much more.
27. February 2002UP

The Gamer's Handbook is Back
After two years absence has my "Bible" finally returned!
Spiel '02 Taschenbuch
Merz Verlag used to publish the Spiel Taschenbuch annually, but stopped in 1999 in favor of an electronic database. Luckily this never caught on, and the invaluable guide is now back in its handy pocket format once again.
Containing names and adresses on publishers, designers and journalists as well as more than 2.000 games currently available, the 772 pages is well worth the asking price of 23,-.
More information in my Library. 
26. February 2002UP

Guess the Winner of SdJ 2002
It's time again for spielbox-online's annual competition: Spiel des Jahres Toto where you must predict the winner of the German Game of Year Award.
The editor of spielbox-online, Knut-Michael Wolf, has ensured that non-German entries are welcome, and to enable you to compete on equal foot have I translated the rules:
The competition begins March 1st 2002 at 0:00 CET, and entries must be submitted using the form found here (form will be uploaded when the competition begins):


The competion will close the day before the official announcement of the winner by SdJ-jury. This date is still unknown, but it is expected to be in the beginning of June. A intermediate status over the titles voted for so far, will be published in connection with the official publication of the "List of Recommended Games" (Auswahlliste), which is usually announced in May.
Each participant may only submit ONE ENTRY with THE GERMAN TITLE and PUBLISHER of the game you think the jury will select as the German game of the Year 2002.
Note that you are not voting for your own personal favorite, but are trying to guess which game will actually win.
You must also submit you full NAME and ADRESS. This is only used to secure fair play - and to enable you to receive one of the prizes, should you be be among the winners. This is how the form will look (apart from my translations): SdJ Toto Entry form The designer Michael Schacht has kindly donated a special game made exclusively for the spielbox Toto competition: 50 copies of Revolte (Spiele aus Timbuktu) will be given to the first 50 entries who has tipped the correct game. Should less than 50 people have guessed the right title, will the remaining copies be raffled off among all entries.
In addition will the first correct entry receive a copy of Michael Schacht's new big game Dschunke (Queen Games). Other prizes MAY be added later.

25. February 2002: spielbox-onlineUP

Italian Game Design Competition
Archimed logoPREMIO ARCHIMEDE 2002
For Unpublished games - Seventh Edition
ARCHIMEDE 2002 is organized by Festival Italiano dei Giochi with the purpose of selecting and rewarding would-be creators of board games. The competition is open to all except professional inventors, without limit of age.
In addition to the Archimede Award the jury will bestow a special Sebastiano Izzo citation and numerous other prizes: awards and various prizes will be offered to all inventors who will receive a nomination.
The jury is chaired by Alex Randolph and composed by Giuseppe Ba, Raffaele Cadamuro, Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Nicolaas Neuwahl, Ennio Peres and Dario Zaccariotto. Secretary will be Maurizio Agabitini.
To participate please send the prototype(s) not later than August 14, 2002.
For each game accepted for the competition a valutation report and a certificate of participation (which states the presentation of the game in that date) will be released. All inventors accepted will receive a copy of Leo Colovini's soon to be published book
"I giochi nel cassetto - riflessioni di un autore di giochi per chi vuole diventarlo".
The best games (max 30) will be exhibited in a place still to be decided, with the explication reports by jury. Here the finalist will be given space to show and play their games with journalists, editors and visitors. Date and place of the exhibition and of the prize-ceremony have not yet been decided; various possibilities are in discussion. The decision will be announced as soon as possible in internet: http://digilander.iol.it/premioarchimede (editor: Michele Comerci).
All participants will receive the definitive information.
Reports on the best games will be sent to all Italian game manufacturers.
Mail your game(s) to: Festival Italiano dei Giochi
c/o studiogiochi
S. Polo 3083
30125 Venezia

Please enclose a payment of EURO 60 (plus EURO 50 for each supplementary game); discount of EURO 10 for each game sent within 11 May 2002 (postal mark).
Games mailed outside Italy which exceedes the measures of 34x24x4,5 cm, and/or the weight of 2 kgs. must pay an extra fee of EURO 25.
Enclose a bank cheque to Studiogiochi with the rules of the games, or send an international postal cheque.
For further info:     http://digilander.iol.it/premioarchimede
tel. +39-0415211029
fax +39-0415240881
19. February 2002: Studiogiochi - More info received 18/6-2002 UP

Discontinued Games 2002
Deutschen Spiele-Archiv in Marburg have once again browsed the catalogues for missing titles, and the result has been published by spielbox-online.
16. February 2002: spielbox-onlineUP

Increase of German Sales
According to Eurotoys has the German game market (board- and card games plus puzzles, but without collecting card games) increased by 11% over during 2001.
2. February 2002: spielbox-onlineUP

News from Michael Schacht
The designer has announced a number of expansions for his popular games Kontor and Web of Power (Kardinal und König). They will all be produced in limited editions in the wellknown "uncut" editions from Spiele aus Timbuktu (which means that the sheets are professionally printed but you will have to cut the components out yourself).
The Multiplayer-expansion for Kontor will be the biggest release. For 5 Euro will you receive two sets of Habour cards plus player markers in two colors: green and Purple plus rules that expands the game from 2 to 3-4 players.
The Duel is a small 2-player scenario for Kardinal und König / Web of Power. You only get 11 cards (5 Influence + 6 special), but you don't have to pay more than 5 cents (0.50 Euro) either. The cards are used to influence the actions of the King and is said to give a more strategic game.
Both above titles are printed in 1500 copies, and will be sold through Adam Spielt.
Both expansions should be available soon. The new catalogue from Abacus should contain two extra cards for the dice game Knatsch / Knights just like the Essen catalogue had (you have to cut them out and glue them onto the spare cards).
For the summer has Michael Schacht planned a real expansion for Knatsch / Knights plus a new board for Kardinal & König /Web of Power which will feature the same part of Europe set in another age.
16. January 2002UP

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