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29. December 2001 :The Final Pöppel-Revue
6. December 2001 :Best Card Game 2001
21. November 2001 :Download free copy of Gods
20. November 2001 :Galloglass = Glastyn Games
26. October 2001 :German Sales Increased by 17%
24. October 2001 :Mayfair back on track
4. October 2001 :New Members of the SdJ-Jury
3. October 2001 :Online GIPF Puzzle Contest

The Final Pöppel-Revue
The magazine which Knut-Michael Wolf (spielbox-online) launced 24 years is no more. Merz Verlag, publisher of the magazine since 1986, has decided to fold the publication after Chief editor Matthias Hardel left to take over the same position at Germany's largest board game magazine spielbox - a position left vacant after Harald Hemmerlein decided to leave in November.
29. December 2001UP

Best card Game 2001
The respected ŕ la carte award, given by the German game magazine Fairplay, has been announced the winner: Meuterer (Adlung Spiele) by Marcel-André Casasola Merkle. The game is a variation over Verräter, which won the award in 1999. They are good games with new and interesting game mechanisms, and they fully deserve the award. My own favorite, however, was Bali (Kosmos) by Uwe Rosenberg, and I am highly surprised by its low rating at #11. Wyatt Earp (alea) by Fitzgerald & Borg is another favorite of mine, and I am happy to see it reached #4. See Award List.
6. December 2001:  Fairplay MagazineUP

Download free copy of Gods
Didn't get a chance to buy to the game Gods from Spiele aus Timbuktu? - No problem. The designer Michael Schacht has placed rules and graphic files for his outsold card game on his website: Spiele aus Timbuktu. The site also includes a variant for those preferring a little less luck in the game. You can find my translation here.
21. November 2001:  Spiele aus TimbuktuUP

Galloglass = Glastyn Games
James Droscha has announced that his company, formerly known as Galloglas Games, has changed name to Glastyn Games after being approached by a litigious California winery who felt its trademark being infringed. The small US publisher, known for the popular card game HellRail (now licensed to Mayfair and franjos, Germany), decided not to waste time and money on legal matters. The new URL can be found below.
20. November 2001:  www.glastyn.comUP

German Sales increased by 17%
I keep hearing people talking about a recession in the board gaming market, but the trade figures show an increase again this year: the German "game and puzzle"-segment has increased by about 17% in the first half of 2001 - a huge jump over the toy industry as a whole, which has only increased by 2.4%.
26. October 2001:  spielbox-onlineUP

Mayfair back on track
Starship Catan BoxcoverThe biggest surprise of the Spiel '01 Fair was the unannounced arrival of 50 US editions of Sternenschiff Catan - Klaus Teuber's new two-player card game from Kosmos. Mayfair Games has finally seen the light and had the printing done in Germany.
The game is crossing the Atlantic this very moment together with the Starfarer board game and it's 5-6 player expansion.
24. October 2001UP

New Members of the SdJ-Jury
The Jury who selects the German Game of the Year Award, "Spiel des Jahres", have appointed two new members, increasing the jury to 10 members. Iris Treiber is a freelance game journalist, and she was in the commitee for this years Childrens Game Award. Chris Newes is a wellknown gamer, reviewer and organizer of the Aschheimer Spiele-Treff near Munich, Bavaria.
4. October 2001:   Jury "Spiel de Jahres"UP

Online GIPF Puzzle Contest
Sunday, October 7, at exactly 16:00 GMT time will 6 GIPF-puzzles be published on the Project GIPF website. The first to send in 6 correct solutions shall win a DVONN-prototype. Winners of 2 more DVONN-prototypes will be drawn from all participants who send in at least one correct solution. These prototypes will contain test-pieces that were made before the shape and colour of the eventual pieces were determined. In other words: rare. Participants have one week to send in the solutions.
Only *one* answer form per participant/e-mail address is allowed. You can find the rules and a count down timer at the website - and if you are as confused as me about European summertime I recommend the converter at greenwichmeantime.com.
3. October 2001:  Kris BurmUP

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