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                 Previews of games and events at Spiel '04
The 22nd International Game Days with Comic Action in Essen are going to be bigger and more actractive than ever. More than 620 exhibitors from 22 nations are going to present their products to the 150.000 visitors. Last year that included 300 new games and I think we will see even more this year.
The best place to find information about the all new games is at Gamewire.
BeWitched Games25. Sep
Fragor Games13. Sep
Fragor GamesNew Scottish publisher who will have their first game, Leapfrog available in a limited edition of 500 copies available in Essen (stand 9.1-44).
The homemade game is using cute rubber froggies, poker chits and glass stones, all delivered in a small video-sized box for 14 Euro.
Games International11. Sep
The British magazine, which re-introduced me to German gaming in the 80's will be back as a monthly magazine. The first issue (#17, to show the continuety) will be sold from the Fairplay stand. More info in the News
R&D Games4. Sep
Reef Encounter - ShrimpsRichard Breese is back in Essen with a new game called Reef Encounter, which has been described as a mix between Ursuppe and Euphrat & Tigris.
The new game has been manufactured professionally in order to increase the number of copies to 1,068 copies. But you may still wish to pre-order a copy.
More info in the Games-section.
spielbox3. Sep
Spielbox #4 2004The German game magazine spielbox will have a free bonus expansion for Carcassonne in their Essen issue (#5/2004).
Called Carcassonne: Die Katharer the new components, which is printed on a punch sheet with graphics by Doris Matthäus, will allow players to tear down city walls.
You will be able to buy the issue for 5.30 Euro at their stand or you may order it directly from their website.
The cover shown here is from the latest issue, which features the new deluxe edition of Carcassonne.
Gigantoskop1. Aug
The Swedish publisher of Spank the Monkey will have their own stand this year from where they will not only sell their hilarious card game about piling junk in order to get rid of an annoying monkey, but they will also have a wonderful 3D-version of the game available for play.
This version is slightly different from the card game in that you use the actual height on the miniature objects instead of that given on the cards, and in addition do each character have a special ability.
Their new game called Kablamo is a tactical board game about Russian Roulette - and what could be more fun than blowing your head off among friends?
Preview in the GAMES database.
Warfrog20. Jul
Depending on how much Warfrog will actually be able to get printed in time for Essen, they hope to bring the following games:
Struggle of Empires is the new big game by Martin Wallace.
Age of Steam. Already a classic, they hope to have reprint available.
AoS Maps #1: Eire & England
AoS Maps #2: Germany & Western USA (See note below)
AoS Maps #3: Scandinavia & Korea
Note: Buyers of the WINSOME edition of the Germany & Western USA Maps will be able to trade them in for a free copy of the new WARFROG edition.
Source: James Hamilton, Warfrog & John Bohrer, Winsome Games
Winsome Games20. Jul
John Bohrer has unfortunately broken an arm, which makes it impossible for him to produce games at the moment. It is therefore impossible to predict how many games he will get ready in time for Essen this year.
The following games has been sceduled so far. John hopes to expand the number of copies to 80 sets, but he may not be able to. It is certainly NOT official yet!
Information about the games and reservation-procedures will be announced in September when John knows what he can actually produce in time. As usual must reserved copies be picked up no later than Thursday 12:00 whereafter unsold games will be sold.

The Limited Edition Spiel '04 sets are likely to include:
Australian Railways by Martin Wallace, which is already available in USA.
Riding through England by Han Heidema, which will be available in USA later.
plus two Age of Steam Maps: France & Italy, only available in Essen.
In addition may subscribers trade in last years maps Germany & Western USA for nice new Warfrog maps for free!
Source: John Bohrer, Winsome Games
Kosmos17. Jul
Candamir is a new game by Klaus Teuber in a series(?) called "Adventure Catan". The game is a stand-alone game with no connection to Settlers apart for the setting.
Source: klausteuber.de
Hans im Glück17. Jul
There will be a new expansion to the classic Carcassonne game as well as yet another self-contained title using the Carcassonne-mechanism.
Source: Arno Miller, spielwiese.at
Two extra Halls16. Jul
In addition to the 9 halls we know will the fair be extended with the upper floors of hall 9 and part of hall 6 (see Hall). These same halls were last used back at Spiel '00 where they housed the Comic Action stalls. This time there will only be games up there - most likely all the newcomers, as I am sure most publishers will prefer to be at their usual spot.
Show Room open for Dealers15. Jul
Visitors equipped with a Dealers Pass will now have access to the show room on the first floor. Here will many of the new games be on display for easy acces in peace and quiet.
Comic Action13. Jul
This will be the 6th year where people who enjoy comic books can meet their favorite artists within the most popular genres. But as this has little to do with games will I not cover it further.
Collector's Meeting13. Jul
The traditional collector's Meeting will this year have the theme "Comics in Games". As always does it take place Friday 17:00 in the "Essen Room" (second floor).

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