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Log Report 
Most major changes and "historical events" are reported here.

2001 Nov 18: Photo Gallery has been moved from the Travel-section to its own section.
2002 Nov 17:Depot-section merged with Library-section
2001 Sep 4:Discovered that the Website has reached its 100 Mb limit causing files to be deleted.
2002 Aug 13:All data to Links-database accidentally destroyed.
2001 Aug 12:The Games-database has been restructured. Games Developers will now receive recognition.
2002 July 5:Award-section moved from the News to the Depot.
2001 June 30:New Frontpage based on Ursuppe track uploaded.
2001 June 30:Library-section with periodicals added
2001 May 30:The Links database now includes e-mail (mailto) links.
2001 May 9:Awards-section added to the News folder
2001 Mar 24:Removed CGI-script "Framed" again as it was more hassle than worth.
2001 Feb 28:Reorganised the site and layout once again in order to return to my original concept.
2001 Jan 14:CGI-script "Framed" added to outgoing links.
2000 Jul 7:Moved to a new site: http://brettboard.dk, installed databases and a new look.
1998 Summer:Name changed to Brett & Board (German/English) when I decided to do the site in English only.
1998 Feb 5:KMW allowed me to translate the info found on KMW's Spielpl@tz.
1997 November:Having visited Spiel 97 I decided to make a Danish/English website named "Bræt & Board".
1997 Aug 23My homepage http://hjem.get2net.dk/Svellov/ was created.

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