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All changes made to the pages will be listed here in chronological order,
NEWS bits and the LINKS database excepted.

30. Mar 03 - Magna Grecia: Review and Rules uploaded.
  Games database and Guide improved with a Review system.
27. Mar 03 - Pictures and description of Magna Grecia uploaded.
  Error in RoboRally rules corrected. (Highlighted in red)
11. Mar 03 - Pictures and description of Banditos uploaded.
9. Mar 03 - Description and pics of Knatsch: die kleinen Sonderkarten added.
  The two new Knatsch cards from the Abacus Catalogue 2003 added.
  Cover pics of Alhambra, Industria and Lucky Loop uploaded.
5. Mar 03 - Gang of Four, Memo Street and New England added to Game database.
27. Feb 03 - Questique added to Game database.
26. Feb 03 - Pictures and description of Scarab Lords uploaded.
25. Feb 03 - Pictures and description of Kurier des Zaren uploaded.
24. Feb 03 - Pictures and description of America's Cup and Lay Line uploaded.
21. Feb 03 - Descriptions and pics of Die HölzerSiebeN and Gulo Gulo uploaded.
16. Feb 03 - Pictures of I'm the Boss uploaded.
14. Feb 03 - Description of Der kleine Prinz and Starship Catan: Mission 2 uploaded.
  Photos from trip to Spielwiese Spielertreff added to Gallery.
13. Feb 03 - Description of Capt'n Clever and new pics of Siedler 3D uploaded.
4. Feb 03 - Description and pics of Sunda to Sahul added.
  Pics of Die Dracheninsel, Fliegen, New England and Siedler 3D uploaded.
31. Jan 03 - Picture and description of Edel, Stein & Reich and King Arthur added.
  Pics of Alhambra, Eiszeit, Kurier des Zaren and Siedler 3D uploaded.
28. Jan 03 - Full description of the rules to Löwenherz and Die Kinder von Catan added.
  Info and picture of Amun-Re plus Carcassonne: Trader & builder.
23. Jan 03 - Description of Polterdice added.
19. Jan 03 - New feature added to Game database: Out of print list
18. Jan 03 - Description of Magna Grecia added.
17. Jan 03 - Description of De l'orc pour les braves added.
11. Jan 03 - Description of Die Dracheninsel updated.
10. Jan 03 - Description of Bohn Hansa, Coloretto and Paris Paris added to Game to database.
9. Jan 03 - Game-database renovated. I am now able to extract the information in various ways as can be seen in the list of Releases 2003.
Including new Guides for the database.
6. Jan 03 - Description of Eketorp updated.
4. Jan 03 - Description of GolfProfi updated.
21. Dec 02 - Lupus in Tabula added to Games database.
9. Dec 02 - English translation of Korsar added to rules-section.


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