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A talk with Alex Randolph
... on the secret agent Alex Randolph

(When the game Top Secret was published it was revealed that Alex Randolph had received training as a secret agent during the second world war. Editor)
The truth is that I speak four languages and have a passion for danger. But I never made anything really dangerous, that happens only in the cinema. And I wasn't in the Secret service, but these things have always fascinated me. I was busy with code deciphering and intelligence. Near the end of the war was I in a small group consisting of only four persons: a colonel, two younger men and me. Our mission would have begun if the Germans had made a breakthrough. But that didn't happend, so I never knew what out mission would have been.
I also had contact with Tito's partisans for a long period. We played chess over the radio. This group chess was very nice. You receive a move over the radio and must then consider your next move together with your group: "how do the other group think we will react?" We always lost. I think the Yogoslavs had a chess master because we were very good ourselves!
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From Knut-Michael Wolf's interview in the special issue of Die Pöppel-Revue 1988
with kind permission from Friedhelm Merz Verlag and spielbox.de

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