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A talk with Alex Randolph
... on his first game

It must have been in 1959. At that time did I make money in American advertisement. One day came an agent into my office and saw what I had hanging on the wall. Because I had already made a game. But I didn't know back then that you could actually sell such things. Not that it interestes me either. It was more the idea, how you created it that fascinated me.
The agent said that he would try to sell one of these games. It was a polymino game called Pankai which was subsequently published by a very good publisher (Phillips).
The publisher doesn't exist anymore and the game is very hard to find these days. It wasn't very succesful either, but I was naturally very happy to have one of my games published.
Alex Randolph
Since then I have always made games, even games that were completely hopeless, but which have later been realised in one form or another. I am more interested in abstract games for 2 players than any other type. But this is exactly the most difficult type of game to sell these days, so I don't try to sell them anymore. Why show something which everybody else is shaking their head at? You already know that they would not take it on their programme.
on the development of his own gameson his failures

From Knut-Michael Wolf's interview in the special issue of Die Pöppel-Revue 1988
with kind permission from Friedhelm Merz Verlag and spielbox.de

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