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Spiel '99   Taschenbuch
     für Spieler, Spieleautoren, Spielefachhändler,
     Spielehersteller und die Spielepresse

The Spiel 'XX "Pocket book for Gamers, Game designers, Game shop Retailers, Game Publishers and the Game Press" is, as its subtitle suggest, the Bibel for anyone with a serious interest in German games.
Published by the Merz Verlag, the organizer of the Internationale Spieltage in Essen it has been an invaluable tool for me, and it was a must-have for me at every Spiel fair.
Sadly did the editor, Rosemarie Geu and her staff decide against its publication after the 1999 edition. As all the data was collected on databases, they hoped to save printing costs by selling an electronic edition.
But while electronic databases have many virtues, the same can be said for handy paper editions, and the expensive access to the database was never as succesful as the old format.
So 'by popular demand' has the pocket book returned with the Spiel '01 edition, and while I haven't actually seen it yet, I don't think it will have changed much. So to help you decide whether it will worth your money I am going through the contents of the '99 edition.
But first a few bits of practical information:
The Taschenbuch Spiel 01 is sold for 23,- per copy directly from the publisher.
You can use the order form (in German) at www.merz-verlag.com/d/BestellA.html
or you can buy the book at the Merz Stand 11-00 at the Spiel Fair in Essen.

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