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Spiel '99   Taschenbuch
     für Spieler, Spieleautoren, Spielefachhändler,
     Spielehersteller und die Spielepresse

You need good sturdy pockets to carry this book with its 860 pages!
Printed entirely in black-and-white on thin, but good quality paper, it has a practical cover of soft plastic.
Even though it is in German, the information it provides is (mostly) universal, and most of the chapters should prove useful even for non-German readers. Apart from a few adverts, calenders for this and next year and a few pages for your personal notes and data, the bulk of the book is divided into 11 chapters.

1. Domestic and Foreign Companies

Sample PublishersDivided into two sections, the second (and smallest) part is of little use to non-Germans as it list German PBM-zines and PBM providers.
The first part is an extensive list of Game Manufactures, Distributors and Publishers, not just German either, as you can see from the picture to the right.
Each company is listed with adress, fax and phone numbers plus website and e-mail where known.

2. Press Agencies
3. Wholesale and Retail
4. Trade Unions
5. Domestic & Foreign
     Game Trade fairs

These are all just one or two pages of names and adresses.

6. Gaming Events

Detailed descriptions of conventions and fairs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Only one foreign convention mentioned: the Dutch Spellenspektakel.

7. Game Awards

Detailed descriptions of all the German awards: Spiel des Jahres, Deutscher Abenteuerspiele Preis, Kulturpreis "Spiel", Göttinger Spatz, Spielautorenwettbewerb Hippodice, Fairplay Bestes Kartenspiel, the Essener Feder and obviously their own Deutscher Spiele Preis, including a complete list over previous winners.

8. Trade Organisations

Includes information about all facets of official and semi-official gaming life, from Game Archives and Designer unions, to game clubs for Chess, Go, Magic, Siedler and a wealth of other games.

9. Game Publications

9.1 Trade papers
9.2 Press Service
9.3 Amateur magazines ("fanzines")
9.4 Journalists & Game Reviewers
9.5 Press - Radio - TV

9.5.1 Daily and Weekly Newspapers
9.5.2 Newspaper Supplements
9.5.3 Periodicals
9.5.4 Press bureaus and Agencies
9.5.5 Radio and TV

A very large chapter divided into several sections with information on everything to do with the subject. Contains detailed information of all the major German periodicals. Chapter 4 contains contact adresses for many foreign game reviewers like Mike Clifford, a wellknown critic from the Daily Telegraph and Counter. And chapter 5 contains adresses on several hundred German newspapers! Hopefully do not all of them write regularly about games - that would be too depressing!
List of Games currently available

10. Games

10.1 List of Games currently available

The picture above illustrates the information given in this section: All games currently available in Germany is listed by Title. In addition are the Designer(s), recommended Age and Number of Players listed.

10.2 Game Designers and their Games Game Designers
This chapter brings lists over the (more or less) complete works of most designers known (and unknown) in Germany.
By far the longest list are the works of Wolfgang Kramer which fills an entire page, with Alex Randolph a close second. But some designers are only credited with a selection of titles.
10.3 Game Index
An Alphabetical index over all the games mentioned in the four largest magazines in the German speaking countries: Pöppel-Revue, spielbox, Spiel-wiese and Fairplay.
Each entry list the issues and page numbers where the titles are mentioned more than briefly.

11. Game and Toy Museums

Mentions both specialized museums and more general museums with small collections, and a number of European museums of interest for gamers are mentioned as well.
Finally does the book bring a cronological list over all major Toy and Game fairs and exhibitions in the world.

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