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Rail Gamer 10  
Issue 10
This issue has a bright and colorful double sized fold-out cover which also function as an alternate Rail Baron map along with all the game material included within its pages.
"Isle of Fantasy" is an almost complete game - all you need is some pawns and the original rules. Included on ten and a half pages are: the Destination Table, Payoff Chart, 22 Deeds and even a sheet of Play Money ready for photocopying. Issue 10 of Rail Gamer is well worth it price for this game alone, but you can also find the map (and many more) at Rail Baron Fanatics.

The Interview this time is with Dieter Danziger, designer of TransSib and Union vs. Central (Winsome Games), which is perfectly timed with a great review of UvsC by Ben Baldanza (and the similar fine review by Counter-editor Stuart Dagger). The magazine even includes a player aid for UvsC: a Settlement Display by J. R. Wells!
Alan R. Moon's 1869-variant, his old Freight Train, and the new Dutch InterCity game from Winsome are all featured in articles, along with the usual stuff - including a newsletter from Mr. 18XX: Chris Lawson.
All in all another fine edition. I don't know how David Metheny does it, but for such a narrow topic he certainly knows how to keep my interest awake!


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