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Rail Gamer 
Issue 10

Rail Gamer is the only specialist magazine that I buy. I am not a train gamer so why I buy it I do not know, but since I like it there must be something to it - maybe it's because I never had a train set as a child?
Originally published quarterly in January, April, July and October the magazine saw the light of day in the beginning of 1997. It is the child of David Metheny who does an exellent job of making each issue varied and interesting with interviews, reviews, variants and player aids.
Unfortunately has there been a lack of material recently, which has forced the editor to postpone new issues until enough quality material has been submitted. The high quality is still the same though and the waiting is absolutely worthwhile!
A typical issue will contain news on all the latest train games plus reviews, previews and variants on popular rail games, interviews with designers and brief reports on train cons. Reviewers include household names such as Ben Baldanza, John Bohrer, Stuart Dagger, Steve Okonski and Mary Susan & Richard Sheeves-Bein.
Subscribtion rates for four issues are $30for US residents and either $35 (surface) or $40 (airmail) for the rest of us payable by US check/Money Order or Visa/Mastercard.
David can be contacted at dmodo19@idt.net or by snailmail:Rail Gamer
P.O.Box 98242
PA 15227

Rail Gamer has its own website at http://idt.net/~dmodo19/ which includes a complete index over published articles. Mik

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