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Issue 49: Fall 1998
The editorial of this issue is naturally concerned with the biggest story of the summer: the takeover of the Avalon Hill Game Company where Herb Levy gives four pieces of good advise to Hasbro - one would wish that they read the GA Report :-)

Reviewed are Sam Grant, a Civil War game from Columbia Games based on their wooden block series, which I cannot comment as my knowledge on the subject is entirely based upon John Ford's films. Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper and Guillotine are more my style, and if I hadn't received both of them for Christmas I would probably buy them based on the reviews. I failed to notice Bosworth in Essen, but I have been allowed to reprint it so you are able to read a typically GA Review on my Old Site. Spammers is one of the few games given more than a full page, not that is is treated more favorable than the other reviews - they are all described positively with a good description of the gameplay rounded of with a small conclusion - but probably because the game mechanics needed the extra description. Herb Levy's final review is of the party game Say When!. This is a trivia-question game and shows the range of games featured, but as it takes less than half the space as the war game I find the spread acceptable.
Filthy Rich is the first game reviewed by Al Newman and while he is generally possitive towards the game, he does promote a rules change on how to avoid too heavy taxation. He ends the review by asking: "Filthy Rich is fun, works well and is not expensive. What more could you ask for?" - I don't know and have already ordered it. I hope the game works, Al!
K-Ban's Korner is my favorite part of the magazine. Steve Kurzban shares my love for german games and it was he who lured me into subscribing on GA Report because he mailed me a copy along with a copy of Games (where he also reviews german games). He reviews 3 great games: Medici, El Grande and David & Goliath. The two first games are american editions and the last is a card game which doesn't require any german knowledge (rules can be found on the net).
All in all a good mix of american and german games. That I already own 6 of the 10 games - and have a couple more in order, shows why I like this publication: It is written by player's who share my taste in games!


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