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Gamers Alliance Report 
Issue 49

Gamers Alliance Report is published four times a year, but is more than a publication. Gamers Alliance is a gaming network for game players and collectors to get the information they seek (through reviews and a Information Center) in order to find the rare and elusive games for their collections. Gamers Alliance runs an international search service for their members at no extra cost, plus 3 different catalogues: The Master Gamer Catalog with the largest list of out of print (mainly american) games in the world, the Sports Catalog with a giant-sized selection of sports games and other sports-related items plus the TV Plus Catalog with Movie-, TV-, comic- and celebrity-related games plus related books, records etc.

A one year membership follows the calendar, and the basic fee is $25 in the USA, $28 in Canada and $30 elsewhere, payable to:
 Gamers Alliance
PO Box 197
East Meadow
NY 11554
Professional membership is available upon request. Please contact the Gamers Alliance President Herb M. Levy at: gamers@pipeline.com for further information on subscriptions.

The Gamers Alliance Report carries no paid advertising, but both the front and back covers are filled with the logos of the featured games which I find a little over the top. As the publication isn't sold over the the counter I find that the last page could be used better. With only 16 pages (standard letter format) and two colums with a large font it isn't exactly 'filled' with stuff - but what there is nicely presented in black and white. Game-logos and pictures of the featured games breaks the monotomy of the written words.
Most of the magazine is written by Herb M. Levy, including the editorial Report on page 2 where he comments the latest events in the amertican game industry and gives his point of view. While I don't for minute think that any of the big bosses are listening, it is always good to know that someone speaks up! The Information Center takes up the last 3-4 pages and is filled with all the little infomational tidbits of what has happended in the industry since last issue and upcomming game news.
The rest of the publication is filled with reviews (aprox. 10 per issue). These are well written and to the point. Half of the reviews are by the publisher himself and the other half is written by some of the best names in the business: the designer Sid Sackson had his own column until 1998 where health problems forced him to retire; one of the best reviewers of german games, Steven Kurzban (also known from Games), has his own section called K-ban's Korner; the designer Al Newman writes his Point of View; card gamer extraordinaire Nick Sauer chooses Nix Pix; Dave Rapp writes Bits & Pieces, and the latest addition is Ward Ahders.
All are lovers of german games and that influences the choice of reviewed games, although each issue usually features one wargame and a couple of other american games. Mik


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