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International Gamers Awards

The IGA is the continuation of the Gamers' Choice Awards. When the jury left the Strategy Gamers Society to become independent, were they forced to leave the name behind them. However, it is still the same people who are involved in all the work and procedures surrounding the awards.
Each jury is composed of gamers from all over the world, some are reviewers of respected magazines, others are owners of popular websites.
More information about the award at: internationalgamersawards.net

 2004   { 
St. Petersburg  -  Michael Tummelhofer - Multi-player Strategy Game
Memoir '44  -  Richard Borg - Two-player Strategy Game
Lock'n'Load  -  Mark H. Walker - Historical Simulation Game

 2003   {  Age of Steam  -  Martin Wallace - Best Multi-player Game (2. period)
Puerto Rico  -  Andreas Seyfarth - Best Multi-player Game (1. period)
Der Herr der Ringe: Die Entscheidung  -  Reiner Knizia - Two-player
Hammer of the Scots  -  Dagliesh & Taylor - Historical Simulation Game

Previous awards are listed under the name
Gamers' Choice Awards

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