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Gamers' Choice Award

One of the newest awards on the market, the Gamers' Choice Awards, was well received when it was launced in 2000. But the name only survived 3 years as it was changed in 2003 to International Gamers Awards for legal reasons.
The jury is composed of gamers from all over the world, some are reviewers of respected magazines, others are owners of popular websites.
More information about the award at:

  {  San Marco  -  Moon & Weissblum - Best Multi-player Game
2002Dvonn  -  Kris Burm - Best Two-player Game
 Wilderness War  -  Volke Ruhnke - Best Historical Simulation Game

  {  Die Fürsten von Florence  -  Kramer & Ulrich - Best Multi-player Game
2001Battle Cry  -  Richard Borg - Best Two-player Game
 Drive On Paris  -  Al Wamboldá - Best Historical Simulation Game

  {  Tikal  -  Michael Kiesling & Wolfgang Kramer - Best Multi-player Game
2000Lost Cities  -  Reiner Knizia - Best Two-player Game
 Paths of Glory  -  Ted Racier - Best Historical Simulation Game


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