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Deutscher Spiele Preis

You can vote for the German Game Award by filling out the formular at www.deutscherspielepreis.de: [ Abstimmung ] from May to the end of July.
Eligible games are the new titles published in Germany within the last year, ie. those presented at the latest Essen and Nürnberg fairs (see Luding). You may rank your Top 5 games, writing the (German) Title and Publisher in the boxes with your favorite game in the number one slot. You don't have to list 5 games if you don't want to, just as you don't have to vote for the Childrens game.
But you must identify yourself by filling out the 8 boxes with your name and adress.
And you may want to give an accurate adress since you might win one of 100 games or admission passes for the Spiel fair.Mik
Explanation of the ballot form:

Ballot Form


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