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My first and biggest hug goes to a lady I have a big crush on: the designer of my vignettes, Doris Matthäus.
- who can resist the cute Amoeba above?
Doris Matthäus

I also wish to embrace my many supporters. Without your mails I would have stopped this hard work a long time ago!
No embracement, but thanks to my friend Mogens Larsen (mola) for help with the design - even though I went my own way in the end :- )
Special thanks to all the designers who are sending me games. I suspect that you do not entirely do this because I am such a nice guy, but I love you all the same!
Thanks to Knut-Michael Wolf and Matthias Hardel for granting me permission to translate the news from the great website spielbox.de.
Thanks to Rolf Schulte for allowing me to quote news from Fairplay magazine and to Barbara & Friedhelm Adam for allowing me to quote the ADAM spielt catalogue.


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