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About Mik
Brett & Board is a website
dedicated to the pleasure of gaming.
The games presented reflect my own interest - which is a curious mixture of family games and strategy games. The only common feature seems to be that they are all Designer Games *.Mik

*) The German term Autoren Spiele refer to games sold on the strength of the designers whose names are featured on the boxes.
Brett & Board is named after the two languages I translate between, and after the type of games I prefer to play: "Brett" is the German equivalent to "Board".
In addition to being a showcase for my own collection and hobby, I also wanted the site to have a proper use - which is why I spend quite a long time every week translating News from Germany into English.
 The idea of this site was formed in February 1998 when I noticed how many people were craving for information about all the new games from the Nürnberg Toy Fair.
The only website with news in English was The Game Cabinet, which unfortunately had a production time as long as the printed publications, so I obtained permission to translate news from KMW's Spielplatz, now spielbox-online, as well as the printed magazine Fairplay and the mail order catalogue from Adam Spielt.


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