Game types
Activcity game=Activity game
Board game=Board game
Card game=Card game
Dice game=Dice game
Tile game=Tile game
Vocal game=Word game

Unknown type=Unknown
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Ratings explained
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= games presented at the International Toy Fair, Nürnberg in February.
Many games are presented in prototype form and will be released during the following months,
usually in March or April - just in time to be considered for the important german "Game of the Year" award.

= games presented and sold directly to the gamers at the Spiel fair, Essen, in October.
Some of these games will be produced in limited editions
or in small quantities only available directly from the designer and therefore most easily bought at the fair.

Expected Month of release
No release date given
The game is available
The game is Out of Print
The game has been Reviewed
New or updated entries

The nationality of the flag have no importance, only the language spoken.
For example will the German flag indicate German language and games in English have the US flag.
The game file will show the original language first with the second most important language shown if the game includes rules in several languages.
Additional languages may be noted in the info-box, but generally will I focus on rules in English and German.

The yearly list of games in the NEWS section will only show a single language, but that will be ENGLISH if applicable.
 = It is no good to buy a German game if you cannot play it because you don't understand the language.
The bullet next to the flag indicate how much must be translated in order to play the game.
The grey bullet is used when I have no information.
 = No translation needed except the rules.
 = The game can be played with a player aid or a short card list.
 = Lots of text on cards or tables!

Difficulty level / Age groups
The games are separated into 6 types and 3 levels of interest:
Board game, Strategy level = (Board) game of interest for serious strategy players
Tile game, Family Strategy level = (Tile) game of interest for family strategy players
Card game, Family level = (Card) game which can be enjoyed by the entire family
Activity game, Childrens level = (Activity) game for Children or easy-going adults.

These levels are only meant as a rough (and highly subjective) guideline.
I do not specify age groups, since my list is mainly a guide for adults.
The four levels, from the bottom up, are roughly playable from the age of 6, 8, 10 and 12
Note that I do not cover games for children under 8 years, uncredited or general games.
Pure abstract and War games will generally not be covered either.

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