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San Juan
New Roles and expanding the game for up to 8 players - by Mik Svellov  
Role cards ready to print at www.viennamob.com    

My only disappointment with the card game is that it doesn't accomodate more than 4 players. Even Puerto Rico takes 5 (and some have even tried to fit in a 6th player) - so why should a faster and easier version take less players?
I immediately bought a second copy of the game and have found that it expands very well. Most actions can be made simultaneaously, and although more players means longer rounds does the added cards make it easier to build thus reducing the average playing time to an hour - even with 8 players - as long as everybody know the cards.
Prospector5 players
Adding a 5th player is easy: simply add another Prospector. This increases the strength of the Goldmine slightly, but not by much as there will be fewer cards in the deck.
Have you access to a second deck will I suggest that you add 35 cards: 1 of each violet building, 2 of each production building plus an extra Indigo Plant.
6 players
Add 66 cards: 2 of each common violet building, 1 each of the "6"'s, 4 of each production building but 6 Indigo Plants.
ProspectorColonist Ship: When this new role is taken will the colonist arrive with new goods and men: Turn over one card for each player in the game. Action: in turn order, starting with the active player, each player takes 1 card from the display. Privilege: take one additional card only if you have a Library.
Note: the extra card from the privilege (if you have a Library) is taken immediately before the second player gets his choice. This means that the last player will not get a card. This is intentional. Mostly because it is easier to remember, and partly because it works like the limited goods in Puerto Rico.

7 players
Add 100 cards: 3 of each common violet building, 2 of each "6"'s, 6 of each production building but 8 Indigo Plants.
Captain Captain: the active player names one type of Goods which may be shipped to Europe. Action: each player ship all goods of this type by sliding the cards underneath the Production buildings. Each such card is worth 1 VP at the end of the game. Privilege: Ship a single Good (1 card) of another type to Europe.
Note: A player may refrain to take the action, but if taken must ship all of the chosen good. Also note that a 3rd (but different) good may be shipped with the Library.
8 players
Mayor Add a full set of 110 cards. This card should really be titled Viceroy - but Mayor will do since we have that card in Puerto Rico. Action: none.
Privilege: take this card and keep it until the beginning of the next round. This player will take his turn before the Governor! First when he has done his turn will he put the role card back to the supply, and then will the round continue in normal player order beginning with the Governor.

Note: the Library has no influence on this card. The card is especially powerful when used with many players and is not recommended for use with 6 or less (as no-one will take it anyway). With many players will the ones at end of the turn order often find the available roles of no use at all. Taking this role will not improve that situation immediately, but will give the player first shot during the next round, when he would likely be way back in the turn order again.
The player will obviously be skipped when the regular turn order comes to him - as the role card in front of him indicate.


The game has been tested and works fine with all positions. But it is recommended that all players have tried the game first so that unessessary downtime is avoided. And it is highly recommended that this line from page 3 in the rules is used throughout the game:
(for speed, some actions may be taken simultaneously).

Number of
5 players2 of each31 of each1 of each
6 players4 of each62 of each1 of each
7 players6 of each83 of each2 of each
8 players8 of each103 of each2 of each

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