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A game by Reiner Knizia for 2-6 players
In the tough world of the Vikings, you had to rely on the good will of the Gods in order to survive. Whether Aesir or Vanir, the wild Norse Gods stood only on the side of those who understood how to befriend them. The offerings had to be chosen with reason and circumspection.
Players: 2 to 6, from age 10Playing time: ca. 15 minutes per round

The Cards
There are 30 God cards (with names), 36 Offer cards (with numbers), and 14 Action cards (with text) in the game.
  The Basic Game
(2-5 players)
Remove the 5 Baldur cards, the 6 Baldur Offer cards and the 14 Action cards. They are not used in the basic game.
The remaining God cards are sorted by color and placed as 5 adjacent stacks of 5 cards. The remaining 30 Offer cards are shuffled and distributed evenly among the players.
Depending on the number of players are the following cards set aside face down. These cards will not be needed during this game, and no-one should look at them:
         2 players - 2 Offer cards
         3 players - 3 Offer cards
         4 players - 2 Offer cards
         5 players - none
Game play
Draw lots to decide who shall begin. The players take turn in clockwise order. During his turn will a player first place one of his Offer cards directly beneath the stack of God cards in the same color.
Important: Offer cards of the same color should be overlapping each other so that the values at the top of all cards are clearly visible (see illustration).
To end his turn will a player take one God card from a stack of his choice, and place it on the table in front himself. The type of Offer card he played is of no importance to his choice. In other words, the color of the placed Offer card does not have to correspond with the color of chosen God. When the last card of a color has been taken will this God type no longer be available, but the players may still play Offer cards to this God.
Game end
The game ends when a player places the 6th Offer card beneath the same God. This player may finish his turn by taking a God card.
The value of the last played card within each color determines the contentment of that deity. The total number of God cards determines the player who is most in favor. Each player will score the value of the diety for each God card in his possession. A deity without a single Offer card will score zero.
Example: At the end of the game I have 3 Freya cards, 2 Odin and 3 Thor cards in front of me. The last played Offer card on Freya is the Goose (value 2), on Odin is the Bull (value 5), and on Thor is the Boar (value 4), so I score the following points:
         3 x 2 = 6 from Freya
         2 x 5 = 10 from Odin
         3 x 4 = 12 fom Thor
I have gained 28 Favor points in total.
When several rounds are played should you keep track of the Favor points on a pice of paper.
We recommend that you play as many rounds are there are players. Each player will then become the first to play once. The player with the highest combined total of Favor points wins the game as the one most favored by the Gods.
  The Big Game
(4-6 players)
The 11 grey Baldur cards are used. There will now be 6 stacks of God cards and a total of 36 Offer cards. The game takes a little longer, but the game play is unchanged.
  Variant: The Will of Thor
(3-6 players)
This variant may be played in the basic game as well as the big game. The 14 Action cards are now added to the game. The cards are shuffled and placed face down as a draw pile.
In his turn has a player the following additional options:
Instead of taking a God card, may the player take the top card from the Action deck (thus receiving no God card this turn).
An Action card may he played instead of placing an Offer card. The card must be played above a God stack, but only on a stack which doesn't already contain an Action card. There can never be more than a single Action card above each stack of God cards.
But any Action card may also be played to remove an Action card from a stack. The text on the card has no effect when played to remove another card, and both cards are removed from play. The space above the God stack is now vacant for future play of a Action card.
No more than one Action card may be played per turn (and then no Offer card).
The game is played as the basic game with one additional rule: the game may now also end when a player places his final Offer card. He simply declare that the game has ended, and he may finish his turn by taking a God card.
Note:The Action cards "Drei Gaben" (3 Gifts) cannot be placed above a God stack. However it may be used to remove another Action card.
Action cards that change the value of the God cards have only effect as long as they remain in play.

Action Cards
Drei Gaben (x2) - Three Gifts
This card is worth +3 points at the end of the game, if kept in hand.
Gunst der Stunde - Favorable Times
You may immediately take 2 God cards (if available) from this stack.
Fluch der Vanen (x2) - Vanirs' Oath
The fading force of the Vanir is with you. Place this card above a God stack to move one God card of this type from another player's display into yours.
Lokis Ränke - Loki's Intrigues
Place this card above a God stack to modify its value with -3.
Lokis Rat - Loki's Advice
Place this card above a God stack to modify its value with +3.
Lokis Schliche - Loki's Ploy
Place this card above a God stack to modify its value with -2.
Lokis Tricks - Loki's Tricks
Place this card above a God stack to modify its value with +2.
Mjöllnirs Macht - Mjollnir's Power
The power of Mjølner makes the universe tremble. Use this chance to rearrange the order of gifts in the stack where you place the card..
Ruf aus Walhall - Cry from Valhalla
Valhal demands tribute. Place this card above a stack. Each player (who has one) must immediately return a God card of this type to the stack.
Thors Gunst - Thor's Favor
Place this card above God stack to change it value to "5".
Thors Zorn - Wrath of Thor
Place this card above a God stack to reduce its value to zero..
Yggdrasills Früchte - Fruits of Yggdrasill
Place this card above a God stack to double its value.

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