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Rules Kardinal & König - Das Duell

Strategic 2-player expansion
Design: Michael Schacht
Published by Spiele aus Timbuktu, 2002 in a limited edition of 1500 copies.

Front - German textA small two-player expansion to be used with:
Kardinal und König (Goldsieber, 2000) alias
Web of Power (Rio Grande Games, 2000).
The "cut-and-play" sheet contains 5 Influence cards plus 6 Special Action cards, 3 each per player
The cards have text in English on their backs.
The game is played using the rules for 3 players with the following changes:
- Markers for the 3rd player are placed below the board; they belong the KING, who will be under control of each player at the end of their turns.
- The score marker for this color is not used.
- The KING is given a hand of 3 open cards.
- Each player takes a set of 3 Special Action cards.
- The Influence cards placed within easy reach.
Back - English text
Changes to the Gameplay:
- Every time a player places a marker on the board will he keep ONE of the cards played. The card is placed face up on the table.
- As soon as a player has at least the same number of cards as his opponent of the type just kept will he take the corresponding Influence card and keep it face up on his side of the table.
- At the end of a player's turn will he control the KING: Using the King's cards may the player place one marker according to the rules. After placement will used cards be replaced from the closed deck.
- The KING may only place a marker in a empty country if no other placements are possible.
- Points for the King's Cloisters are given to player who controls the Influence card in the corresponding color.
Example: Player A has 5 Cloisters in France and the purple Influence card. Player B has 1 Cloister in France and the King has 2 Cloisters. Player A score 8 points for 1st place. The King in 2nd place score 5 points which goes to A. Player B score 2 points for 3rd place.
- No points are awarded for the King's Advisor's or the longest chain.
Game End:
The deck may need to be reshuffled, to allow the final King player a full hand of cards.
Special Action cards:
The 3 cards may be used during a player's turn to perform special actions. Each card may only be used once whereafter it is removed from the game.
- "The King places first": The player may place a marker for the King at the beginning of his turn instead of doing it at the end.
- "2 different countries possible": The player may place two of his markers in different countries of any color by playing the cards needed for the placement.
- "Change card": The player may exchange one card from his hand with any one card from the open display. The King's cards can NOT be taken.


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