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Punk sucht Lady
Punk seeks Lady
The utterly inzane Marriage Bureau for 3-6 player from age 16!

Ravensburger Spiele © No. 27 318 8
Graphics: Iris Schotten
Illustrations: Brian Bagnall
Designers: Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich
(A) 1 Game board
(B) 112 Client cards (56 Women, 56 Men)
(C) 6 Player pawns in 6 colors
(D) 6 Betting markers in 6 colors
(E) 3 Black Markers

Female seeking Male!
Leila, around 24 and blond, stewardess with fear of flying, seeks Man with both feet on the ground, for minor twosome belly landings. Money no hindrance. Write to box number ...
You see adverts like this all the time, without being able to help. But nowadays is it different! Why else would you be running a Marriage Bureau? Go on, make the lady happy!
Object of the Game
As manager of a Marriage Bureau are you aiding your clients in finding total happiness. If you manage to find the ideal partner for all your clients is victory within your grasp, and your Marriage Bureau will be elected most successful of the year.
Sort the Client cards by color, Pink (ladies) and pale blue (men).
Each deck is shuffled well and placed next to the board.
The players will in turn draw 3 cards from each deck, so they have a hand of 3 ladies and 3 men. Each player keep his cards hidden from the other players.
Each player chose a pawn and a Betting marker in the same color. The pawn is placed on the Start space, the Betting marker is kept in front of the player.
The 3 black markers are placed on any 3 different Number spaces.

The Clients
Men and women are depicted on the Client cards with descriptions which have one thing in common: they are seeking a partner who will stand by them for better or worse.
Next to their Christian name (rely on our discretion!) are listed 6 personality traits:
1. the unmerciful Age
2. the cool Job
3. a positive Characteristic
4. a not so positive Characteristic
5. a favorite Topic
6. the great aim in Life
The Love Barometer
On the card backs does the "Love Barometer" reveal the hight of their pulsation when two people gets close. Why this happends will forever remain a mystery, but the faster the hearts are beating, the higher will the beat of their pulse be, and the greater their happiness together.
 How do you measure the puls?Love Barometer points to '6'
Hold two Client cards together backside up so that the blue card is exactly above the pink.
Push the top card (blue) in the direction of the arrow until the row of numbers on the pink cards is visible.
The arrow on the blue card points to the number on the pink card which give the couple's joint pulse. The more the couple have in common, the higher the pulse. Highest value is "7", lowest value "0".

The Game Begins
The player who feel the strongest that the Marriage Bureau is utterly inzane and crazy, begins the game as the first "Partner Mediator".
The "Lonely Heart"
The first "Partner Mediator" selects one of his 6 Clients as the first "Lonely Heart" to marry off. First will he present the candidate by selecting 3 of the 6 traits on the card (only during the first turn). Using these 3 traits must the "Mediator" recommend his Client to the other Marriage Bureaus in the most convincing manor.
The first "Partner Mediator" presents his "Lonely Heart": "My bureau, 'No More Lonely Nights' have been assigned by Eddi to find him a companion. Unfortunately must his girlfriend-to-be accept to live with many more lonely nights since Eddi is a Sailor (2) and therefore lives a large part of his life at the seven seas. At 22 (1) has he already seen and experienced much of what life has to offer. He may look a little like a punk, but he is quite harmless, peaceful and very lovable. As soon as he sets foot on land will he seek directly to the nearest Disco to perform in a hot Rock'n'Roll (5)."

Only on the Start space will a player be able to select the 3 traits freely. In future turns will a player only be able to chose one trait, the other two are given by the space where he is standing.
The 3 chosen traits are marked by placing the 3 black markers on the corresponding Number spaces.
The Ideal Partner
Who will make the "Lonely Heart" happy? All the other Marriage Bureaus will now come in turn and present a candidate in clockwise order. To find a suitable candidate must the players use the 3 traits (see markers) in their presentation.
The first begins: "Naturally will my top agency 'Sweethearts for Everyone' have a suitable 'sweetheart' for Eddi. Anglea is almost 19 (1) and a Hair dresser (2). She hates Manga-videos and slick, permed hair. She loves coloring Iroquois haircuts, is simply enchantingly sweet, and she knows nothing better than Disco's (5)."

When all "Marriage Bureaus" have presented their ideal partner for the "Lonely Heart" is it time for the agonizing election.
The Fateful Decision
The searching "Partner Mediator" must select one of the candidates after careful consideration, and chose the one he think best will fit his "Lonely Heart":
Place the Client cards face up in the top spaces in the center of the board.
When the "Partner Mediator" has made his choice have the other Bureau's two possible reactions: No Objection means that all bureaus agree that the couple are meant for each other. Objection means that at least one Bureau are of the opinon that they presented a more suitable partner.
No Objection
If all "Marriage Bureaus" agree that Mediator has done a great job, comes the moment of truth. All traits of the selected couple are scrutinized. Do they really swing together? The "Love Barometer" will tell.
The "beat of the pulse" as given using the "Love Barometer" on the back of the cards, correspond to the commission given.
The "Partner Mediator" and the "Marriage Bureau" who mediated the couple, both move as many spaces forward as the number shown by the "Love Barometer".
Eddi and Angela has reached a "pulsation" of 6. Eddi's "Partner Mediator" and Angela's "Marriage Bureau" each move 6 spaces forward.

Peace, Love and Happiness. End of round one. The Honeymoon may begin.
The two succesful Client cards are removed from the game.
Both succesful "Marriage Bureaus" replenish their hands so they again have 3 cards of either sex.

If just one of the "Marriage Bureau's" is of the opinion that something was missed in the heat of the moment, will he object and send a rival into the race.
The Rival
First must it be determined which "Marriage Bureau" is making the objection. As only one objection is allowed per turn will the "Marriage Bureau" who is furthest behind on the track have first right. If more than one Bureau share the same space will the first player in the playing order have first right. So, it should now be clear who has presented a Rival.
The Client card is placed directly beneath the card it is rivalling.

Angela receive competition from the 20 year old (1) Model (2) Melanie and is worried. Melanie looks beautiful and are keeping herself fit for Eddi by playing golf (5). Eddi await what happens next.

The Objection runs as follows: 1. Partner Tip, 2. Final Decision, 3. Tip Points.
The Partner Tip
It's getting turbulent now. Before the Clients can be selected and the "Love Barometer" will bring light over the final result will the "Marriage Bureau's" go through a heated debate over who the most suitable couple really is. To end the dispute are each Bureau recommended to tip on the candidate they believe to be the most suitable. They will either tip on the original candidate or on the rival. Betting is voluntary.
The Betting marker is placed next to the Client the player is recommending, either the suggested candidate in the top row or the rival in the second. When everybody who wants to, have made their bet is the "Love Barometer" consulted. Which couple will run off with each other?
The Final Decision
The "Love Barometer" will first measure the pulsation of the first couple, and then the pulsation of the second couple.
No matter which couple has the fastest heart throb, will the "Partner Mediator" and the "Marriage Bureau" of the first couple always receive commission for their trouble.

Eddi and Angela reached a "pulsation" of 6. Both Eddi's and Angela's Bureau's will receive a commission of 6 and move 6 spaces forward.

The Bureau who sent a Rival into the race, may only move his pawn forward as many spaces as the "Love barometer", if his Client is a better match for the "Lonely Heart".
If the hearts of both couples pulsate with exactly the same beat, happens nothing. The Rival's "Marriage Bureau" will not move.
Bad luck to the "Marriage Bureau" who introduced a Rival which resulted in a lower heart throb than the first couple. His pawn must move a number of spaces backwards as the difference between the two "Life Barometer" points.

Unfortunately did the lightning not struck between Eddi and Melanie. They only reached a pulsation of 4 in contrast to the pulsation of 6 between Angela and Eddi. The Bureau who introduced Angela must move the difference, 2 points, backwards.

Tip Points
All "Marriage Bureaus" who tipped on the victorious couple, will receive 2 points and move their pawn 2 spaces forward.
Anyone who tipped on the wrong couple must move their pawn 2 spaces back.
Should the final decision end in stalemate, ie. the hearts of both couples beats in unison, have no-one made the correct guess and no points are awarded.
A turbulent round has now found a happy conclusion.
All played Client cards are removed from the game. All "Marriage Bureaus" replenish their hands back to 3 Ladies and 3 Men.
A new round begins. The next "Partner Mediator" in clockwise direction will present a new "Lonely Heart" and...
Game End
The game ends when a pawn reach or pass the goal space ["ZIEL"]. The game will continue until the end of the current round. If more than one player reached goal during this round, is the winner the player who moved the longest past goal.
© 1993 Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg
Translation: Mik 2001 v1.0


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