Anno 1452   Player Aid  
Sequence of Play
A)  1-3 Action Rounds • AR
Each player may perform 1 action (in turn order):
See Action Descriptions in the right column.
Throw 2 dice before the 2nd round and 3 dice before the 3rd round: If any die shows '6' there will no further Action Rounds this Epoch.
After the final Action Round:
Discard all Marriage cards and move time marker to next Year.

B)  Evaluation Round • ER
1. Cards (in player order)
Discard freely before replenishing hand back to 5.
(2-player expert: Place 5 cards on display)
2. Income
3. Trade & Agreements (not in basic game)
(2 pl. Expert: Trade with cards on display!)
4. Prestige points
  +1 to the players with most of a type
   1 to the players with fewest of a type.
   (Types: Estate, Citizen, City, Principality)
5. Coronation (begins 1273)
Player with fewest Estates is elected.
6. New Player Turn Order (in order of Prestige)
Each player may play 1 ER-Reaction card only during phases 2-6 (not in phase 1).

C.  End Game  (1378-1452)
Final Evaluation Round has only two phases:

Income + Prestige Points.

  Determine Victory Points (VP).
  Most VP's = Crowned Emperor by the Pope.

Gain Principality card:Lose Principality card:
+1 Prestige-1 Prestige

Action Descriptions

 Buy 1 Estate
Place one Estate marker in any Region and pay the cost to the bank.
Take the Principality card (+ 1 Prestige) as soon as you have the majority of Estates in that Region.
Majority = More Estates in the Region than any other player and more than the unplaced Estates in that Region.

 Settle 1-3 Citizens
Place up to three Citizen markers adjacent to any of your Estate markers and pay the cost to the bank.
• Max. 3 Citizens per Estate •  Max. 6 Citizens per City

 Attack an Estate
Attack one Estate marker (+ Citizens) with one of your own markers in the same or a bordering Region.
The King and the Anti-king may attack any Region with their Soldiers, but the pawns are lost after the battle.
 Prestige Points:  Attack: -1  Defeat: -1  Victory: +1 

 Play 1 Action Card:
City card
Pay 6 Gold to the supply to place a City disc under an Estate marker in the specified region.
Marriage card
You must fulfil all conditions. Utilize as many benefits as possible and keep the card on the table until the end of the Action Rounds.
Title card
Gain 2 Prestige point which are lost when you no longer fulfil the conditions, in which case the card is discarded.
Inheritance card
Place a free Estate marker in the specified Region.
Special Action card
Perform the action listed under "AR".

 Reaction cards
Each player may play 1 Reaction card for every action performed by any player during the Action Rounds.

TypeCostIncomeTo HIT die rollVictory Points
Estate marker4-9 Gold1-3 Gold61 VP
Citizen marker3 Gold1 Gold5 or 61 VP per 2 Citizens
Soldier pawn--4 to 6-
City disc6 Gold (+ City card)1 Gold(Nullifies HIT on: 1)1 VP
Principality card-1 Gold-1 VP
Gold---1 VP per 10 Gold
Translation: Mik Svellov 1999 v2.1