Anno 1452
Rules Index and Summary
Objectiveto collect the most Victory points
PreparationsEach player places 2 Estates on the board
Gameplay all the details
1-3 Action RoundsShift Time marker to next space;
roll dice to check for a 2nd or 3rd Action Round;

chose any one of the following Actions:

  •  Build 1 EstateCost: 4 Gold + 1 for any Estate marker already in the region
  •  Settle 1-3 CitizensCost per Citizen: 3 Gold
  •  Attack an Estateone Estate attacks a neighboring Estate
  •  Play 1 Action cardthe following cards may be played:
        City cardsCost: 6 Gold; any card with a City name may be used
        Marriage cardsall conditions must be fulfilled
        Title cardsall conditions must be fulfilled
        Inheritance cards no requirements
        Other Action cardsmay be played in Action Rounds or Evaluation Round
Reaction cardscards with red title; may be played in addition to or out of turn; (does not count as an Action)
Event cardsonly one card per Action Round and per Evaluation Round
    "Interregnum" cardno King during this Epoch
    "Gegenkönig" cardonly when a King is present
    "Bitte Karten Mischen" cardthis card is always played!
Evaluation Roundshift Time marker to the next Year-space
       1. Cardsdiscard first
        2. Incomepaid from the supply
        3. Trade & Agreementsnot used in the Basic game
        4. Prestige Pointsfor the most/least Estates, Citizens, Cities, Principality cards
        5. Coronationfirst time in 1273
        6. Player Turn Orderin Prestige level order
End Gamethe final Evaluation Round has only two phases:
"Income" and "Prestige points";
Victory points for Estates, Principalities, Citizens, Cities, Gold and Prestige points
The "Ottokar"-Scenariofor 2 or 3 players: "Ottokar" is a fictitious player
The Expert Rules2-player Trade rules and Single card discard rule
 Translation: Mik Svellov
Thanks to Rick Heli for the help!
1999 v2.1