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Knights of the Rainbow
Card game by Aaron Weissblum & Alan R. MoonGame Info

Sample hand  The object of this game is to eliminate all other Knights, or be the most powerful Knight when the King dies.

The picture to the left shows a typical layout for a single player halfway through the game.

The card deck has 5 main types of cards which the players are trying to collect. These are Force, Strength, Gold, Magic and Honor. In addition there are two types of Event cards plus the usual Moon-trademark: the End card. A number of Gold and Strength tokens are also needed to play the game. To ease the game there is some special rules pertaining the first round. I am not going into detail with these as this is not supposed to be the complete rules, but they have been made to ensure a more balanced game and to hinder an easy kill of an unlucky player.

Each player begins with 1 Gold and 7 Strength. If a player should lose his last Strength token is he out of the game. The cards are shuffled and the End card is shuffled into the second half of the deck. Whenever that card is drawn the round ends after the current player has done his turn. The deck is placed face down within easy reach of all players.
Depending on the number of players is the deck played through once (2 players), twice (3 players) or three times (4 or 5 players).
  End card

Force card  In his turn must a player declare how many cards he intend to turn over: 1, 2 or 3 cards. One of these cards must be placed in the players display, while the others are discarded. The cards are sorted in types, each type is kept together with the new cards placed half over the other in such a way as it is easy to see how many cards of each type a player has.

Each type of card gives an action to the player who has most cards of that type (with 4-6 players all players with an equal majority gets the action). The Gold and Strength cards gives the player a token of the same color, while the Force is making two hits against one or two players of his choice - automatically removing a Strength token for each hit.   Strength card

Gold card   Gold may be spent during the player's turn:
  • Pay 1 Gold to remove 1 Strength token from any player.
  • Pay 2 Gold to draw and keep the top card from the deck.
  • Pay 2 Gold to trade any one card in your display with any one card in another player's display.

    Magic cards are more special: The player may discard any card in order to either choose a card from the discard pile or force another player to discard a specific card.
    Each Magic card is also worth a Victory Point at the end of the game.
      Magic card

    King's Favor  
    The Honor cards only works whenever one of the four King's Favor Event card are drawn. Again only the player(s) with most cards are affected, and they may choose either a card, two Gold or two Strength tokens.
    The player who triggered the event is must draw a replacement card, so he still has his originally selected number of cards to choose from.
      Honor card

    The three Misfortune Events works the other way round:
    Each player must loose either a card, two Gold or two Strength - with exception of the player(s) holding a majority of Rainbows. Some cards has a Rainbow-symbol in the top right corner. As new cards are placed on top of older cards of the same type, will only the topmost Rainbow be visible. The player(s) with most visible Rainbows will be protected against the perils of the Misfortune.
      Misfortune card

    This is the game in all it's simplicity. Whoever survives the 3 rounds calculate their Victory Points by adding Gold and Strength tokens plus Magic cards together.
    Highest total wins - although anyone surviving this ruthless elimination game should consider themselves winners! - I love it!


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