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Al Cabohne

If you want to follow the sample play with your own deck, you will find a list of the card order at the end of this page.
    Play Sequence:
  • Phase 1: Donate Beans to the Mafia
    Each member must be given a Bean from your Fields if possible.
  • Phase 2: Plant Beans from hand
    Must plant 1st card, may plant 2nd card. No cards may be given to the Mafia.
  • Phase 3: Turn over new cards from deck
    Continue to turn cards until you have drawn 3 cards not collected by the Mafia.
    Apply the following rules to each card as it is revealed:
    • Give the card to the collecting Mafia Boss or, if of no interest to the Mafia:
    • Set the card aside and look at the top card in the discard pile:
      If the card in the discard pile matches any of the 3 cards set aside it is placed on top of that card. Continue to move cards from the discard pile until the top card no longer matches any of the 3 cards set aside.
    • Note that the player is not allowed to harvest during this phase.
  • Phase 4: Plant the cards set aside
    • All 3 stacks of cards must be planted in either your own or the Mafia Fields.
      Beans of the same type must be planted together in the same Field.
    • When all cards have been planted you must donate any cards from your hand to each Boss still without Beans. If you don't have any legal cards in hand, the Boss will go emptyhanded.
  • Phase 5: Draw 2 new cards from the deck
    And place them, one at a time, behind the other cards in your hand.
Continue until the deck is depleted.
The player and all Bosses will harvest and earn what they can for their fields.
Each coin card in the Mafia pile is worth 2 gold - Can you beat the Mafia?

Sample Game
Place the three Mafia cards, in the order shown, at the top of your playing area: 3 - 2 - 1.
The order is important as Joe will earn to much gold if placed first.
Al Cabohne will harvest as soon as he can earn 3 gold.
Don Corlebohne will harvest as soon as he can earn 2 gold.
Joe Bohnano will harvest as soon as he can earn 1 gold.  

You (the player) may harvest at any time you will - with two exceptions:
  • You may not harvest during Phase 3 (when you may take cards from the discard pile).
  • You may not harvest a Field with a single Bean if you have a Field with more Beans.
    Each Mafia Boss has control over a single Field of Beans, and they must always grow crops which are different from each other.
    The player has control over 3 Fields, which must grow different crops (if any).
    Draw 7 cards for your hand (Remember not to change the order!)
    looking at them you can see that you have drawn two Feuerbohne, a Blaue Bohne, three Kidneybohne and a Stangebohne.
    Draw and give cards to the Mafia (from left to right) until each Boss has at least one Bean card:
    The first card drawn is a Kidneybohne which is placed on Al Cabohne, the second card is a Puffbohne which is placed on Don Corlebohne. The third card is another Puffbohne. Since two Bosses cannot grow the same type of Beans, it has to be placed on Corlebohne as well. The fifth card is a Kidneybohne and first with the sixth card does Joe Bohnano get a Bean card when we draw a Feuerbohne.

  • We are now ready to play the first turn:
    Phase 1: Our Fields are empty, so we have nothing to give the Mafia. Looking at our hand we are happy that phase one and two wasn't reversed!
    Phase 2: We must plant the first Feuerbohne and we may plant the second Feuerbohne, if we want to. Let's see: If we still have the Firebeans at the beginning of the next round, will we have to donate one of them to Joe. We don't want that to happend, and if we only plant the first Bean we may not be able to harvest the Field if we want to. By planting both Beans we will not only be able to discard (harvest) the Field before the Mafia gets their hands dirty, but we also increases the chance of getting a profit as we only need one more Firebean to earn a gold. So let's plant both Feuerbohne.
    Phase 3: This is where we will draw cards until we have found 3 cards the Mafia doesn't grow. We don't have a discard pile yet, so let's just draw the cards and see where they go:
    None of Bosses are interested in Saubohne so that was our 1st card. The next card drawn is also a Saubohne, and although it is of the same type as the first card it still counts as our 2nd card. The third card drawn is a Kidneybohne, so unfortunately we have to give it to Al.
    OH NO! Our next card is a Feuerbohne which goes to Joe; and the next again is a Puffbohne going to Don. Luckily we finally draw our 3rd card: another Saubohne - how lucky can you get?
    Good thing we stacked the cards, Lucky Luciano...
    Phase 4: None of Bosses have harvested their crop, so I don't have to give them anything. And the three Pigbeans will at least earn me one gold when I harvest them, so I place them all in my second Field.
    Phase 5: Drawing two cards, we get a Kidneybohne and a Feuerbohne. Hm, it came too late to be of any use right now. But at least I can make sure the Mafia doesn't get anything by harvesting my two Firebeans. I get nothing, but if I didn't do it Joe would have earned 1 gold - which meant we would be two points down (remember their gold counts double!). So away with the Feuerbohne.
    Second turn:
    Phase 1: Looking at our Fields, we no longer grow anything of worth for the Mafia...
    Phase 2: The Blaue Bohne must be planted and since we still have an empty 3rd Field we could plant the first of the Kidneybohne. But as we only can plant one of those, it will be difficult to get rid of and we will probably end up giving it to the Al, who still needs 4 Beans to harvest for 3 gold. Better wait until next turn. With a bit of luck he might have sold his crop before turn 4 and our Kidneybeans will be safe.
    Phase 3: Turning over cards the first goes to Don as it is a Puffbohne. The second card is set aside as no-one collects Stangenbohne. Another Puffbohne is revealed, and Don will immediately sell his 5 beans and earn 2 gold. Two of the Puffbeans are placed face down to the Mafia cards as their pile of gold, the other three cards are placed in the discard pile on top of the Firebeans.
    The next card revealed is a Feuerbohne which is given to Joe, who immediately cash in his three cards for a gold. The other two Firebeans are placed on top of the Puffbeans in the discard pile. Only one Boss is collecting cards right now, so the Puffbohne is set aside. At the same time we must remember to check the discard pile, but unfortunately have the Puffbeans been buried.
    HEY-HEY, our luck hasn't run out: the next card drawn is a Feuerbohne. This is set aside as the last of the three cards together with the two top Feuerbohne from the discard pile. Still checking the discard pile we see that the next 3 cards goes on top of the Puff lady and the last two Firebeans are placed on top of our third card.
    Phase 4: Knowing that I must give two different cards to the emptyhanded Mafia members, I look at my cards: I want to keep the Puffbeans and the Firebeans and the two guy's cannot use Kidneybeans as their big Boss is collecting them. That leaves the Stangenbohne, but that is not enough. I also have one of those in my hand, so decide to do this:
    First I harvest my Saubohne for 1 gold; then I plant the Stangenbohne. Since I no longer have a Field with more than a single bean in it, I am allowed to harvest the Stangenbohne again. I do the same with the Blue bean as I need space for my new crops. With 3 empty Fields I quickly plant the two piles of Fire- and Puff cards.
    I then hand the Feuerbohne in my hand over to Don, and the Stangenbohne to Joe. I gave the Firebean to Don because it takes more beans to sell for 2 gold.
    Phase 5: I draw a Blaue Bohne (drat!) and a Saubohne (who stacked these cards!?)
    Third turn:
    Phase 1: I have to give a Feuerbohne from my Field to Don.
    Phase 2: I plant two Kidneybohne.
    Phase 3: The first card is a Brechbohne, the second card is another Brechbohne and the third card is a Puffbohne. None of the cards are collected by the Mafia, and none of the cards fits the top card in the discard pile.
    Phase 4:The Puff-lady is worth another gold for me and there are good chances of increasing the profit on her, so I will not harvest them. Since my hand is filled with Kidneybeans I will not harvest them either. The Firebeans have to go - with the added benefit that they will be gone when the Mafia comes around to collect early next turn!
    Discarding the Feuerbohne I earn 1 gold for the four cards.
    Phase 5: I draw a Saubohne and a Kidneybohne.
    Fourth turn:
    Phase 1: I must give one Kidneybohne to Al.
    Phase 2: I plant two Kidneybohne.
    Phase 3: The first two card are Kidneybohne which must go to Al. The next card is a Blaue Bohne, which isn't bad since I must plant my own next turn (unless I can get rid of it before). Another Kidneybohne means that Al immediately sells his crop for 3 gold. Keeping 3 of the Kidneybeans as gold, the remaining 4 are discarded. Another Blaue Bohne is set aside as the 2nd card. A Feuerbohne is given to Don together with another Feuerbohne (maybe I should have given the Firebean to Joe instead? Hmrph!). A new Kidneybohne makes up for it, as it has to be set aside together with the top 4 cards from the discard pile. The top card is now a Firebean, but as the Mafia doesn't collect garbage it stays where it is.
    Phase 4: The 5 Kidneybohne will give a crop of 8 for a golden harvest of 4 gold. The two Blaue Bohne is planted in the vacant Field. Looking in my hand I decide to give Al the Kidneybohne.
    Phase 5: I draw a Feuerbohne and a Kidneybohne.
    Fifth turn:
    Phase 1: I don't have to give the Mafia nothing!
    Phase 2: Planting the Blaue Bohne I decide not to harvest to plant the extra card.
    Phase 3: The first card is a Stangenbohne which is given to Joe. The Brechbohne is set aside. The Puffbohne is set aside, and the Blaue Bohne is set aside. Neither of the cards suits the Mafia, and none matches the top card of the discard pile.
    Phase 4: The Blaue Bohne is planted in my 1st Field, which I could sell for 1 gold if I wanted. The Puffbohne is planted in my 2nd Field, now worth 3 gold; and the Brechbohne is planted in my 3rd Field which could be harvested for 1 gold.
    Phase 5: The cards drawn are Stangenbohne and Puffbohne
    You have now played 5 sample turns.
    If the game ended now the Mafia would sell the 4 Feuerbohne for 1 gold, and they would have collected 7 Coin cards for a total value of 14 gold. Our stack of Coin cards only counts 11 gold - so if you don't want to loose, you better continue playing!
    Sample deck
    Place the following 49 cards face up in a pile:

    Shuffle the rest of the cards and place them on top (in case you want to finish the game). Turn the deck over and go back to the top of this page to play the sample game.

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