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Die Macher
Consim House Rules
  • = Each sub-phase is performed in Player Order
    Turn Phases
    A )   Player Order
    Write secret bid. All bids are paid to the bank.
    Players select place in the Player Order beginning with the highest bid. Tied bids are resolved by dice roll.
    B )   Party  Program
  • Exchange 1 Program card against loss of Members equal to the highest of two dice.
  • Continue exchanging 1 card at a time.
  • Reveal Program (5 open cards + 2 hidden)
  • C )   Shadow Cabinet
  • Play Shadow Cabinet cards face down (max. 1 per Region)
  • Reveal cards in Region order. Choose action and pay.
  • D )   Coalitions
  • Forced Coalitions: at least 3 identical Program cards.
  • Voluntary Coalitions: at least 2 identical Program cards.
  • E )   Media  Control
  • Place 1 Media Marker and pay DM 4.000
  • Continue buying Media Markers - one at a time.
  • Media control = Exchange Opinon card (not Doubled)
  • F )   Election  Meetings
  • Place up to 4 Election Meeting markers per Region.
    Pay DM 1.000 per new marker placed.
  • G )   Opinion  Polls
  • Auction 1 Umfrage-card per Region beginning with the current Region. Highest bidder pays and may:
    a) Publicise 1 or 2 results from the poll. Remember that Media control secure against negative polls.
    b) Roll 2 dice for new Party Members if the poll is shelved.
  • H )   Vote-catching
    A Party may only convert Votes in a region in which it has at least 5 Election Meetings. Begin in reverse region order. Skip current Region.
  • Convert Election Meetings using the formula:
    Election Meetings x (Trend +/- Program cards)
    O or negative factor: 2 Election Meetings = 1 Vote
    Absolute majority: Exchange 1 Opinion card
    First Phase In Round 7
    I )   Election
  • Convert all Election Meetings as described in phase H.
  • Write number of gained Mandates on the Note sheet.
  • Party/Coalition with most Votes wins the Election. Topmost marker wins tie.
  • Second Phase in Round 7
    J )   Election  Victory
  • Party with clear victory:
    Transfer Media Marker + 2 Public Opinion cards.
    Party with marginal victory:
    Trabsfer 1 Media Marker + 1 Public Opinion card.
    Victorious Coalition:
    Each Party may transfer 1 Media Marker + 1 Public Opinion card. (Most Votes goes first).
  • Each maginally beaten Party may transfer 1 Media Marker.
  • Last Phase in Round 7
    K )   New  Party  Members
  • New Party Members for Program cards matching Opion on National Board.
  • Following Phases Only In Rounds 1 - 5
    L )   Election  Funds
  • New Party Members x 1000
  • Round 1, 3 + 5: Total Party Members x 1000
  • M )   Party  Contributions
  • Play 1 Spenden-card face up or face down:
  • Open cards: Receive DM and loose dX Party Members.
  • Hidden cards: Roll dX for new Party Members.
    Single largest rejected contribution: + 3 dice.
  • Endphase
  • Clear and prepare the current Region.
  • Reveal 1 Opinon card in each of the other Regions.
  • After 1st Round: Exchange the "Parteibasis zahlt 1. runde" tile with the "Parteibasis zahlt 5. runde" tile.
  • After 3rd Round: Place the "Keine Koalition" tile on the board as no Coalitions may be formed in Region 7.
    Turn over two Opinon cards in the final (7th) Region.
  • After 6th Round: There is no End Phase after this round. It ends with Phase K.
  • The 7th Round is very short as it only covers the Election (Phases I, J & K). The final reckoning (End Game) is perfromed immediately after the 7th Election.
  • End  Game
    Each player is adding his Party Mandates + Media Points from the black circles on the National Board + Party Members (bonus 10/6 points to the two Parties with most members) + Program points from the black circles of matching Opinons on the National Board (bonus 5 points for each secured Opinion).
    The winner is the player with the most points.


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