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Global Powers
The following player aids should make it a little easier to get into this brilliant game from eggertspiele, 2003. As so often before are there a number of discrepancies between the German rules as written by the publisher and the English rules provided by the designer Leif Busse. I have been in contact with the designer and have based my clarifications on his advice. Note that this process isn't quite finished yet due to the holidays. Mik
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Clarifications and changes
Definition: Strongest Party.
Errata: "Strongest party is the one having the most politicians in *the* region."
That should read *all* regions.
Note that the tie-breaker rule (most in all regions, then most in UN, then least in Mauritius) is only meant to determine global power. For local power just count the politicians in the region to determine the government. Several parties having the same (and highest) number of politicians will automatically form a coalition government.
Coalition members must agree on the decisions they want to make, or at least agree to share the actions.
Clarification: "An event that effects the government, affects all governing parties."
This mean (for example) that the same die roll is applied to each party in the coalition.
The number of markers are intentionally limited to those supplied with the game. This include the large markers for Sanctions, Disarmament and Protectorates.
Clarification: Votes from UN: Strongest fraction within UN vote first.
Discrepancy: Assassin card: Originally Assassination was possible anywhere, as stated in the English rules, so you do not need to have a man present in the region and you may send a man to Mauritius from the supply if a "3" is rolled. The German rules makes it necessary to be present in the region, and this is the rule I have included in the cards.
Discrepancy: Expansion card: Same as above. This time have I preferred to keep the English version which allow you to place up to 2 politicians in any region.
Clarification: Warmonger: The card may be used to cancel a Non-agression Pact or Peace Initiative even when it has been placed in front of the player (for possible use in a conflict).
Clarification: Coup d'etat: A player may attempt a coup in a region where he has no presence.
Extended rules: I have used the alternative set-up instead of the auction as we prefer this method after a player nearly won the first game before it had begun due to a lucky strike in bidding.

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