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Translation: Mik Svellov v1.0

Game Set-up
Unfold and place the game board on the table, and give each player:
20 Cargo strips in one color.
the 2 Supply cards with card backs in the same color
   The cards are kept open on the table in front of the player.

Select a Start-player and give him the red Junk as marker.
Follow the set-up as shown on the illustrations on the German sheet. The set-up of cards and Merchants are identical, but only the lower Trainee is used with 3 players, and pay special attention to the placement of the Cargo strips. In a 3-player game may any of the colors be substituted for yellow if preferred.
Mix the 10 Market cards and place the stack face down on the market space.
Shuffle the 30 Special cards with the black backs and divide them into 4 stacks of roughly equal size, and place a stack on each of four jetties marked with red symbols (square, circle, triangle and star) at the right side of the board.
Take 8 of each type of Goods cards (6 with 3 players), shuffle them and deal 8 cards face down to each player. The cards form the player's hand.
The Money are sorted and placed along one side of the board (no starting cash is needed), and the three square markers are placed near the market space.

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