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Player Aids

Helpful sheets ready to print out.
The format and size is given for each individual file.

Botany Bay   NMG Spiele    3 Player Action Cards   MS Word 97   25.0 KB
Event Card Overview   MS Word 9744.0 KB
Property Card Overview   MS Word 9748.5 KB
Die Macher (Consim Rules)   Hans im Glück Turn Order Display   HTML19.1 KB
Dschunke   Queen Games Summary Sheet - Front   HTML17.5 KB
Summary Sheet - Back   JPEG69.7 KB
Turn Overview card   JPEG123  KB
Global Powers   Eggertspiele    Various clarifications and aids  (HTML page)
In 80 Tagen um die Welt   Kosmos    Event card Overview   Word40.5  KB
Ticket to Ride   Days of Wonder    Ticket Destination list  (HTML page)

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