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Spiel Fair Hall Guide
Hall 4

Hall 4
*** the listed prices have been found on the web and may not be accurate ***
 Grapac Japan Co.Stand:  4-04 
English Warumono2   Sigma File meets Scotland Yard
English Soccer Chess   2-player football game

 HistogameStand:  4-15 
English Friedrich   War game for 3-4 players. Now includes 2-player scenarios40
English Bonaparte at Marengo   War game for 2 players. This is the US edition by Simmons Games 52

 Prinz SpieleStand:  4-11 
English Jenseits von Theben   Unique Archeology game, 2nd edition: 300 copies 33
Zauberzeit   Dungeon-style game. Cards require translation 25

 Sphinx FamilyStand:  4-51 
This is a new line of family gamesFamily Pack = get all 3 titles for 12 €
Moviemaker   Story-telling card game 4.50
Sport-Fest   Speed game 4.50
Weltenbummler   Story-telling card game 4.50

 Sunriver GamesStand:  4-52 
You might find designer KC Humphrey or spielfriek Lorna Wong behind the counter
English Havoc   Card game about the 100 Year war. 2-6 players. 400 copies 17
Free mini-expansion with every purchase

 Walter Müller SpielewerkstattStand:  4-21 
This is his first appearance since Spiel '08 so Walter Müller should be worth a visit. No info on available games, but previous titles include Brettfussball, Entenrallye, Favoriten, Flusspiraten, Rette sich wer kann and Sensationen



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