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Essen Spiel Fair
Looking back, I would say that the fair was better organised than in many years: the Comic Action stands had been moved out of the way into hall 8, next to the Roleplay & fantasy in hall 6 and the Kids' playground in hall 4. This meant that all the important (to me) game stuff were coveniently placed in adjacent halls. Very convenient!
Good thing too, as there were more people than ever. 148.555 registered visitors were enjoying hundreds of new games presented by 578 exhibitors from 21 nations. Mik

Many gamers have published
reports and pictures from Spiel '02

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Mik at the spielbox forum meeting
Mik enjoying a glass of sekt at the spielbox forum meeting
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Scott Alden
Greg Alecknevicus
Richard Dewsberry
Bruno Faidutti
Matthew Gray
Chris Kovac
Marcel Sagel
Carl-Gustaf Samuelsson
Greg Schloesser
Brigitte & Wolfgang Ditt
Frank Gartner
Jürgen Karla
Holger Kiesel
Gerlinde Rhode
Harald Schrapers
Vinsalts DSA-Ticker
Michael Weber
Carsten Wesel
Knut-Michael Wolf
Erwin Broens
Romald Hoekstra
Trond Braut

In celebration of the 20 Year anniversary, and in combination with a local school holiday could families get access to the halls on special family passes the first two days, and this took some of the pressure away from the weekend - or you could say that all four days were equally crowded. Which was good, as it meant that it was relatively easy to get around, even at the normally impossible busy Saturday.
5 notable changes from previous years:
1. The organisation of the event was better this year (see above).
2.A lot of the "new" games were remakes of known titles.
3.The physical quality of self-published games was higher than ever.
4.A large exhibition celebrated the work of Alex Randolph.
5.Greg Schloesser made me neglect all my duties as a reporter.*

*) My lack of notes and camera has luckily been compensated by a large number of reports made by other visitors. Just follow the links above.


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