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Spiel des Jahres
Members of the Jury

Synes Ernst
Synes Ernst: Born 1947, member since 1982
1st chairman since 1994
Swiss journalist and editor
Reviews in various daily papers

Bernward Thole
Bernward Thole: Born 1936, 2nd chairman and co-founder
Doctor at the Philipps University, Marburg
Received the Order of Merit in 1997 for his devotion to games
Manager of Deutsche Spiele-Archiv

Jochen Corts
Jochen Corts: Born 1950, co-founder
Judge in the regional labour court.
Columnist in daily papers about abstract mental games in general and Chess variants in particular.

Tom Werneck
Tom Werneck: Born 1939, co-founder
Communications Consultant
Co-founder of Deutsche Spiele-Archiv, manager of Bayerischen Spiele-Archiv Haar, game designer and author of many books, reviews in several daily papers.

Uwe Petersen
Uwe Petersen: Born 1952, member since 1984.
Organiser of Stuttgarter Spielemeisterschaft and Süddeutschen Spiele-messe, director of Baden-Würternbergische Spiele-Archiv.

Dorothee Hess
Dorothee Hess: Born 1954, member since 1989
Legal advisor in an international media corporation
Reviews in Aachener Zeitung and spielbox.

Wieland HeroldWieland Herold: Born 1950, member since 1994
Deputy Headmaster at Göttinger Gymnasium
Created a game library and the newspaper Alea for his school in 1984. Since 1989, organizer of the Göttinger Spielautoren-Treffen and the publication Spiel & Autor.
Reviews in several local German papers, including spielbox.

Tom Felber
Tom Felber: Born 1963, member since October 2000
Swiss journalist
Reviews in Neuen Zürcher Zeitung, organizer of game days in ski hotels and game events like Krimitage.

Chris Mewes
Chris Mewes: Born 1951, member since October 2001
Project Manager within applied research
Co-founder of Bayrischen Spiel

Iris Treiber
Iris Treiber: Born 1954, member since October 2001
Reviews in Esslinger Zeitung, Kieler Nachrichten and Main-Echo


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