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ŕ la carte - FAIRPLAY's Best Card Game Award
As the only German game magazine to feature card games in a regular column, called "ŕ la carte", the editor decided in 1991 that the game market needed a specific award for card games.
So during Spiel ´91 the Fairplay people asked a number of card game experts to vote for their favorites among the 13 titles published that year.
From 1992 onwards the electors were given free hands as to which games they would vote for, within the following frame:
The electors must list at least 3 and no more than 5 games. The games will be rated from top to bottom with the following qualifiers: 7 points, 5, 3, 2 and 1 point.
The jury is composed of up to 30-50* card game experts. They are simply asked to fill out and return a ballot to the Fairplay editor, in time for the Nürnberg Fair where the award will be announced.
*) The actual number of ballots returned in time varies from year to year.
The list of people asked is not public, but the number is more than 50, and the official lists from the first three years may give an indication who is asked:
Michael Blumöhr - journalist19911992
André Bronswijk1993
Hajo Bücken - designer19911993
Ferdinand de Cassan, Austria - collector199119921993
Thomas Dellenbusch - journalist1991
Synes Ernst - jury SdJ19921993
Willi Feldgen - journalist1993
Wolfgang Friebe - journalist199119921993
Joachim Goemann - collector19911993
Achim Hahlbeck - collector1991
Dirk Hanneforth - designer19911992
Herbert Heller - FAIRPLAY199119921993
Berthold Hess - journalist1992
Dorothea Hess - jury SdJ1992
Winfried Hormann - journalist19921993
Wulfdieter Hornung - collector199119921993
Karin Huss - journalist19911992
Ralph E. Kahlert - FAIRPLAY199119921993
Frank Kersten - journalist1993
Wolfgang Kramer - designer19921993
Andreas Käpfer - journalist19911993
Wolfgang Lüdtke - journalist199119921993
Thomas Müller19921993
Andreas Mutschke - FAIRPLAY199119921993
Peter Neugebauer - FAIRPLAY199119931993
Jutta Pfafferodt - FAIRPLAY199119921993
Rudolf Rühle - collector199119921993
Alan Schmied-Weber1993
Karl-Heinz Schmiel - designer19921993
Franz-Joseph Schulte - designer19921993
Rolf Schulte - FAIRPLAY199119921993
Ulrich Stumpe19921993
Roberto Talotta, Austria - journalist1991
Klaus Teuber - designer1992
Frank R. Ükermann - collector19911992
Eberhard von Staden - journalist1991
Joseph Weigand - journalist199119921993
Volker Weitzel - journalist 1993
Manuel Wendt - collector199119921993
Tom Werneck - jury SdJ1993
Rolf Wichmann - collector199119921993
Hans Christian Winters - jury SdJ1991
Heiner Wöhning - designer1991
Knut-Michael Wolf - journalist19911993
Ulrike Wolz - journalist19911992


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