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The Sumo/Counter Hall of Fame

Vote for the 2002 nominees
Everybody may vote for the Sumo/Counter Hall of Fame - just fill out the form below. But it is too late to vote for this year's nomineees. Next poll will open in September 2003. Mik
Voting instructions
Select a maximum of 10 nominees that you think worthy of a place in the Hall of Fame and rank your choices in order of preference.
The Nominees
For this year's nominees Stuart Dagger began with the results from the last ballot, turned them into a point system and took the top ten games that didn't succeed in gaining admission, together with those that were within a couple of points of tenth place.
To these was added the top games from 1996 and 1997. These weren't eligible for the ballot last time, since one of the principles of the HoF is that a game should have been around for a few years before judgement is passed on its classic status and '5 years' was the period we decided upon.
The final additions were nominations that people submitted along with their votes last time.
This gives us the following list of nominees:
Bohnanza, Breaking Away, Britannia, Carabande, Cartel, Elfenroads, Euphrat & Tigris, Formule Dé, Hattrick, Illuminati, Junta, Löwenherz, Magic: the Gathering, Mü, 6-day Race,
6 nimmt, Showmanager, Titan, Ursuppe, Win, Place & Show.

Clarification: Elfenland together with its Elfengold can be regarded as being equivalent to Elfenroads. Showmanager is the same as Atlantic Star and so if you only know the latter version, judge the former on the basis of that.
The Count
Two games will be elected by the preference method, and a third game may be added if its approval rating is similar to those of the top two. Allowing a third game to be succesful this time would, in conjunction with the three we elected two years ago, make up for the "gap year".
1st Nominee
2nd Nominee
3rd Nominee
4th Nominee
5th Nominee
6th Nominee
7th Nominee
8th Nominee
9th Nominee
10th Nominee

Please give us your name

And your e-mail adress

Nominate any games published no later than 1998, that you would like to see on next year's ballot but which aren't on this.
Poll closed
 31st October 2002 


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