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The Sumo/Counter Hall of Fame

Gery McLaughlin and Stuart Dagger formed the Hall of Fame to recognise the games that are worthy of the title modern classic. The listed games have all stood the test of time, and they have gained access to the hall thanks to the readers of SUMO and COUNTER.
Voting Procedure
    Members of the Hall of Fame
  Titel  Designer(s)
1829/30Francis Tresham
AcquireSid Sackson
AirlinesAlan R. Moon
BluffRichard Borg
CivilizationFrancis Tresham
Cosmic EncounterBill Eberle, Jack Kittridge, Bill Norton, Peter Olotka
Crude/McMultiJames St. Laurent
Die MacherKarl-Heinz Schmiel
Die Siedler von CatanKlaus Teuber
DiplomacyAllan Calhamer
Dungeon & DragonsDave Arneson & Gary Gygax
El GrandeWolfgang Kramer & Richard Ulrich
Hare and TortoiseDavid Parlett
MediciReiner Knizia
History of the WorldSteve Kendall and Gary Dicken
Modern ArtReiner Knizia
Railway RivalsDavid Watts


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